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Re: The User Art Topic

Post by Thrawn »

Welp, I'm super rusty (just repurchased a tablet to replace one stolen in 09/2010), but I challenged myself to a 30 piece (20 for lines, 10 for coloring/shading/figuring out layers again mostly)

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this goes for they're/their/there as well
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Re: The User Art Topic

Post by doofus-01 »

Nice start. The dark-shadow region seems OK, but the shiny part on his scalp would be much larger. Done right, it should give some sense of a forehead. Is he supposed to have a tusk?
(BTW, you don't need a tablet for something like this.)
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Re: The User Art Topic

Post by wayfarer »

Been a while since I posted here not to mention some new art.

To elaborate a bit. After some kined of hangover I started painting and watching youtube Tutorials by others artists.
One thing I noticed that the better ones tend to work on more than one piece at a time nad if it just doesn't work they just throw away hours of work without looking back.

They tend to pick a theme and sketch out 10 or 12 variations of a theme telling a story which is quite amazing if you thing about.
Since my painting went nowhere since I lack a solid linework to build on it. I wanted to try something like this myself.
At the time I played Dragon Age Inguisition and really loved the Tarot style Ingame Portraits. So I went their with my own ideas how I would design a group with the characterisitics the different would Tarots represent and of course telling a story.

I went on doing it without any expectation and to my suprise it helped me a lot. No presurre at all, no qualms to srcap it all if it doesn't work and a more painter style way of drawing as you can see since I posted sketches in various stages of completition.
For now it just feels good to get an idea onto paper into a decent amount of time.

I'd dare to say I got a small lvl up. :mrgreen:
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Re: The User Art Topic

Post by WTrawi »

Is the thread still alive? :D 'Cause I'm also trying to make graphical arts like those, but without success. :(
Not very active on the forum anymore, but I still read it, and I also still play Wesnoth and draw a bit.
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