A little tool made by me to create .po for your addon

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A little tool made by me to create .po for your addon

Post by Nobun »

When a person, like me, need to create a .po BEFORE uploading his addon (becouse in a early development stage and needs to mantain 2 or more languages for his own addon) it is totally unclear how to create a new empty .po to edit then with your translations. Infact I posted a question about it but the only solutions seems the upload .

So I decided to make a little tool to easily create a basic .po for your own wesnoth addon

I don't know if you can find it useful or useless. And I don't know if it is the right place to offer you my little application.

However... I made this little tool (license: Gpl v3 - Os: Windows, Linux, can be builded also in Mac).

Nice Things:
You can navigate folder searching your addon and create a base .po only pressing a button (very easy to use)

Bad Things:
It not contains a real parser so:

- cannot distinguish from different TextDomains: my program add all translatable strings regardless of the fact if referred to textdomain that needs your po or textdomain translated elsewhere

- cfg files are not "parsed" in a particular order. Simply my program search for all *.cfg file in addon folder and all subdirs (also nested ones), so it should be possible to have, for example, the strings of 2nd scenario before of the 1st one

- comments reports the source file information(s) for every string (ex: #: add-ons/FOLDER/_main.cfg:14) (and if more then one, all files and rows for that entry) but NOT the comment that says the type of addon (ex: #. [campaign] id=my_id)

- strings cannot use quotes in the middle of sentence, or will be truncated. Example

value = _ " string"
" string2"
value2 = ...

in this case my program will see only "string" as the entry to translate, so it necessary to write, for example

value = _ "string

value2 = ...

(if you want that wesnoth writes an empty line you can simply press space in the second "empty" line

I upload here the program for you. Let me know what you think about (if usefull or useless, if you can need it or not)
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Re: A little tool made by me to create .po for your addon

Post by torangan »

You know, there's wmlxgettext in the wesnoth source file, somewhere in utils/. What you can do: get a recent add on from WesCamp, copy the Makefile, campaign.def (edit it), config.status and the po/ directory without any .po(t) files. Now, if wmlxgettext is in your path, a simple call to make will create the .pot and msginit will create the .po files. Other steps to remember: en* will be "translated", copy another po with same plural forms over it and nb.po needs to be renamed to nb_NO.po.
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