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Post by Tomsik »

You need to have wesnoth SVN and know to compile it.
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Post by SmokemJags »

Ah well, so much for that then.
Be nice if there was a way to patch it and play test it individually.

What better way to see if it's unique(of course it is) and well balanced(questionable)
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Post by Yogibear »

The best way to apply patches is to use svn (=subversion), a version control tool. It also has the power to apply patches into the source code.

And if you ask how to set that up: Better find someone in #wesnoth-dev to explain it to you :wink: . It would take me a lot of time and i don't even know your operating system.

You can also look at the patch and with a little imagination you will see what needs to be changed in the source code to make it happen. You can apply it manually but of course it takes longer and is more likely to be erroneous.

I am not sure if you know how to compile and build the executable? You will need that to see the patch in action.

IMHO, the forum with its inherent way of working is not a good place to discuss code changes if you still need some help. That needs much dynamic, back and forth, questions and answers and a asynchronous medium is not best suited to fulfill those needs.

Oops, missed to read the second page :oops:

Edit 2:
If you are lucky, you might find a dev that builds you an executable with that patch 8) .
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