1v1 map - Derimani Caverns

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1v1 map - Derimani Caverns

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Narrow symmetrical vertical map. Lots of cave terrain, impassables, holes, water. Don't worry - there are trees too. 2nd player has several pre-captured villages to balance out 1st player's advantage. Only one map version this time - for Wesnoth 1.15 since i've placed some mushrooms on different terrain and i want to keep them there.

Not sure if the center of the map is weird in any way - i feel like something is wrong with it, but can't tell what.

Again, feel free to tell me what should be changed or to do your own changes.

sorry for the enormous preview image ^_^

put the map into Scenarios folder since that's what it actually is
Derimani Caverns.cfg
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