Age of Heroes balance.

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Re: Age of Heroes balance.

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Soliton wrote: October 27th, 2019, 6:03 pm I suggest not worrying about single player balance too much. I don’t think it’s generally that precise to begin with and there is plenty of ways to fix any issues that should arise besides tweaking unit stats. We definitely don’t want separate sp and mp stats.
I currently think that the best way of doing this is just to make normal PR. I was trying but I was unable to find way that will satisfy everyone.
So this looks interesting but I would appreciate some comments on the reason for the changes. For example why the Lieutenant should be 7 gold cheaper.
I'm genuinely bad at explaining or writing long posts (and honestly I dont like writing long posts).
Thats easy, his body isnt very impressive 3 more melee damage than spearman, 4 more hp than spearman, 9 more ranged damage than spearman, melee damage and hp are useful but ranged damage is mostly useful while defending or dueling (but noone duels in wesnoth), 1 more movement point is to be honest the strongest point of this leader. Unit like that wouldnt be broken on level 1 for lets say 20g. Now lets take a look at his leadership ability, it's weaker than in regular 1v1, there just will be less level 1 units, on top of that these level 1 units will be dying faster than usual thanks to level 2 units of your enemy. For 100g having to capture villages and protect your lieutenant that (costs 35g) is not easy task, there is a ponit in saying that recruiting him latter is the way to go the only problem is that it will be hard to save up 35g in head to head game and then againg protect him because he will be prime target for enemy forces and he is easy to kill unit.
Another thing I don’t quite understand is why units like the Troll and Troll Rocklobber should have different costs since they come from the same base unit. If such units are not worth the same I think other stats need to be adjusted so that they are. There might be some argument for level "2.5" units like the Deathblade but even there I think they should be balanced by not being able to advance further.
I just wanted to change unit costs in order to affect as little thing as possible.
My approach to level ups is a bit different, in my opinnion buffing unit because its level up is weaker might lead to this unit being overused just for initial value that it brings with itself onto the battlefield. This of course would only be happenning in multiplayer where you dont look at level ups too often. I think its fine for unit like that to be stronger than the other option when you are getting it for xp after all level up is your reward but not for gold.
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Re: Age of Heroes balance.

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Krogen wrote: October 23rd, 2019, 12:57 am Goblin gold costs affecting campaigns... i'm not so sure about this. Dealing with one or two more squishy goblins can really be such an issue?
Goblins are sometimes (or often) the most dangerous recruit for AI. They counter horses. And the squishiness works in the AIs favor: It allows them to get killed on attack so that another unit can take its place and then attack from the same spot in the same turn.

Edit: Forgot the most obvious: They also have the highest maximum damage. In general in most cases in campaigns its mostly about not losing units. And amongst level 1 Northerners goblins are best at giving the AI a chance to kill the players units.
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