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Post by Ken_Oh »

Sorry to hear that 1.1.7 is giving you [censored]. Honestly, I haven't been able to load any of my old save games into the current dev version so I haven't been able to try out the new Elensefar. I -think- the new version is a little fast though, but just by a little bit and what Flava did to the WCs (I'm still not decided on it though) helps speed things up. Still, if we can get the devs to not have it save so much information in the autosave, then all this might be better.

About the WC limitation. I was looking to make it scalable. By that, I mean it doesn't make sense to limit WCs to the same amount on a small map as it does on a huge map, like HH. I haven't taken time to look Flava's code yet, but I was thinking maybe having it limit based on how many villages are on the map. For example, if there are 10 villages on the map, you can only replicate WCs up to 10 or 20 (or 15 or whatever is a good number).

gtg, but lemme just note that I'm so happy you guys are helping out. Having a "dev team" like this is really tons more than I could ask for. I promise to make it worth it for you all.
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Post by flava_clown »


what i did to WCs is not that helpfull... coz the wc_temp variable is not getting cleared, so we have a huge list of WCs/Soulless in the "normal" save game. this will be fixed in the next version (0.3.1c on monday, if all works the way i want)
i've installed 1.1.7 again and started playing it from the beginnig, i came to HH and found out that i have to change there and in Isle some things to work with this dev version too

Code: Select all

this won't work, coz the first | is shown normaly, this wasn't in older versions
it must be now

Code: Select all

i saw it in the string "how many leaders are left". if this happens in a row with coordinates then i am sure that this event won't work properly...

anyway i guess it was a bug from us, since the wiki say: | only on the end of a variable. i changed the HH map file a little bit, guess you won't notice it and added a new little event there, just to avoid any questions like "i stepped on it and nothing happend, a bug?" ... it's a neat picture that i found and had to touch to make it fit there... hope you'll like it.

okay back to the WC limitation, i guess the limitation depending on the number of villigages can be done easily coz we "store" already the villages in an array... i sit now in the office and have some (unusal) work to do, but i ihave time left then i try these things out...

btw. don't worry to much about all of it... to lern wml and the like is sometimes really funny... only real life sux sometimes, i had to find my cat dead on wednesday, that was and still is, really bad...
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Post by flava_clown »

finally... i had to delay it for several reasons... and the change.log is quite small for such a delay, but i had to do some things twice and i've wasted some times with the hunt for wesnoth bugs, which turned out to be my own ones...


- changed the easter egg event (the non-???? variant)
- msg when 15 WC on playfield

- msg that "rage is gone" (if gained in A+A)

- little map change (added a village in the start cave, but needs some work in the
replication.cfg coz the WCs spawn on the cavewall)
- a new event, just to prevent questions like "i stepped on the image but nothing happend, a bug?"
- some code changes for 1.1.7 (or bugfixes)

- some code changes for 1.1.7

- intro sequence (already seen in c0.2)
- some new events, which effects the gameplay a bit
- some tweaks

- little tweaks
- "Mal Janar" won't move anymore ;)
- die event for "Mal Janar" (we'll lose if he die)
- die event for "Aehilte"

- is now "skirmisher"
- AMLA 4 (instead of 3)

- got now "leader" (from level 2)
- level 3 sprite changed to "lich" (i don't like it, if "????" use the same sprite like "Mal Janar")
- made leader-sprites for level 2 and 3

- WC limit adjustable (macro changed)
- WC limit msg, adjustable (if we want the info in an other scenario than A+A too)

- several new unit manipulating macros, to speed up things, less code in save games means
faster saving...
- clear_all macro, to have clean save games (the temp and wc_temp arrays blew up the save games)

- "The Master" changed to "Mal Janar" (last second change)


- i wrote something wrong to the WC limit, if you want to limit it to 15 then use 15 not 16 as i wrote before! must be the exact number. Soulless doesn't count!
- with the adjustable WC limit macro, we can put it in "ifdef easy, normal, hard" tags
- my "real objective change" wish in RE didn't work like i want, so that i've changed everything back.
it would maybe work if we change the elves to side 1, "Mal Janar" side 2 and delfador side 3.
then we should put the "Mal Janar" msg "aha...." in a turn x event.
anyway, RE needs a lot of work, delfador is imho to fast in the cave, we should remove 2 movement-points.
- since wesnoth scrolls automaticly to a "talking" unit, i want to find a way to fake such a msg
with speaker=narrator (i think i saw somewhere that i can make a text bold) to make sure that
we can do things like you want in RE and i in tFoE
- M+M should use the other grass type and then the fitting village type, coz the swamp villages look a bit like these villages, would make it a bit more "realistic". we should also add a village close to the keep (west side)
see change.log above
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Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
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Post by Truper »


With all the talk of creating an Undead campaign that's gone on recently, I though I'd bring this unfinished campaign to people's attention. It has a lot of really great ideas, and at least one superb scenario.
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