Woses vs UD

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Dragonking wrote:you will kill wose, but lose economically.
Not even that, it will level up. Or just not kill enough corpses; after all, they only have two swings, which usually don't kill in one swing...
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Post by Yogin »

You are not taking into acoutn the defensive aspect of fighting woses...for instanse, skeletons do more damage to woses then adepts or ghouls but they also take more damage because of their vulnerability on the woses retaliation
True, I had forgot to include this in my post. Since they have similar hp, the ghoul actually has ~20% effective more hp when fighting woses than skeletons. Probably lower the ratio to 1 ghoul every 2.5-3 skeletons then. And I'm hesitant about that. You don't want to be stuck in the situation where you could've killed a wose with a skeleton, but only have a ghoul's 5-3 attack and poison which isn't enough.
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well at least my confusion spawned a fairly interesting thread :) Lots of good info.
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