HttT: Isle of the Damned

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HttT: Isle of the Damned

Post by Daedalus »

I'm pretty new to this game (I just started playing a couple weeks ago) so forgive me if this is old news, or obvious. I just thought I'd share...

I played through HttT up to The Scepter of Fire, where I accidentally deleted my save :-p So, I've recently started through it again (Playing normal, BTW). Anyways, the level that probably gave me the biggest trouble was the Valley of the Dead.

The first time I played it through, I had gone to Muff Malaal's penninsula. The second time, I decided to try Valley of the Dead. While the two opponents and short time limit seemed intimidating at first, defeating them was a lot easier than it looked. I have seen some people here say that Isle of the Damned is a waste of time, as you only get a white mage and chaotic units (which you can get from anduin and elensefar), and you cannot level up any of your units. They might be right, but beating the isle makes the valley of the dead SO much easier.

First of all, if you beat the isle, you can start the valley with Moremiru (sp?) who will hopefully be a mage of light by then, and has a holy sword. This alone is pretty badass. But the real benefit from the isle is the thugs and footpads (which you probably recruited in mass numbers). At level two, they aren't half bad units, they're chaotic (so the undead will never have a leg up on you, damage wise), AND they do impact damage, which thieves lack. So my second time playing the valley, Moremiru started with me, and I recalled an assload of bandits and outlaws. The undead got shredded, while I was barely scratched. If I had another mage of light and paladin, I probably could have killed the leaders before the time was up.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone.

Do you guys normally pick the Isle or the Penninsula? I guess the benefit of the thugs/footpads isn't that great if you don't have trouble with the valley... But the white mage + holy sword is still pretty sweet. When I play through on hard, I'm probably going to take the isle again...
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Post by Beleth »

I went with the Isle the first time I attempted HttT. However, on my first attempt I completely ignored damage types and was slaughtered. :oops:

Ever since I've gone through the Peninsula. I find the hoards of walking dead to be great for leveling up units. :)
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Post by Yogibear »

I think both are valid alternatives.

I won valley of the dead by retreating. I recalled 4 or 5 strong level 3 units and some cannonfodder. Then i build up a defense line to hold of wc and skeletons coming from the south, got the holy water to beat everything coming from the north and retreated to the middle west area. There are some strategical points which can be defended real easy and the little lake makes it hard for your enemies to get at you.

I prefer to choose Muff Malaals Peninsula because the level 2 units are badly needed for Elensefar.
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Post by purki »

The first time I played HttT I choose the peninsula, but after that I took Isle of the Dammed because you get a white mage with holy sword and you can level up Konrad easily.

I killed the northern leader with three mermen and the southern with the outlaw, some other units and Moremirmu.

So you will beat Valley of Death easily!!!

:D :D :D
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Post by unsung »

I always go with the peninsula, as it let smeget paladins, grandknights, marshalls, champions, and more finished levelling.

I have always found the valley easy.
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Post by Sly »

I go for Isle of the Damned, mostly because of Moremirmu : I like having a loyal healer who can eat melee undeads for breakfast (7-5 Holy Sword is *awesome* 8) )

And having some leveld outlaws is nice (but not at all necessary).

I usually kill the southern leader with mermens and the north with konrad, moremirmu and outlaws
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Post by Beleth »

Sly wrote:I go for Isle of the Damned, mostly because of Moremirmu : I like having a loyal healer who can eat melee undeads for breakfast (7-5 Holy Sword is *awesome* 8) )
So I've heard... :)

If I ever do HttT again, I'm definitely going to go for Moremiru.
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Post by ponkan »

The time limit totally owned me the first time I played the Isle. Northern lich dead, after some losses (damned adepts), at which time I ran straight towards the southern boss, only to have the last turn expire :evil:

This was on .8x, and I've just upgraded, so I'll do Son of the Black Eye first, then when I finish that I'll go back to HttT and see how much I've improved :wink:
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