[Complete] (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

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[Complete] (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by The Black Sword »

Hi, we're already more than a month into 2013 with no wesnoth tournaments, something has to give. :)
For those missing their competitive wesnoth fix, here is: The Alternate Frontier(TAF)!

Essentially this a 1v1 tournament using alternate era, which can be downloaded from the add-ons server though it will be updated once more before the tournament begins. You have 1 week to sign up below.


The Rules:

1. Format
- TAF is a wesnoth 1v1 tournament. It is to be played on the latest version of wesnoth 1.10. If a new version is released, players may play on the old version for up to one week. Then all games must be played on the latest version.

-All games are to be played using "Alternate era", using map settings, and everyone must choose the Random faction. It is permissible to restart mirror games.
-I will wait to see the number of players before finalising the tournament format. I hope to have two reasonably sized groups, where everyone will play each other once before a final.

-In addition entrants will be split into 2 or 3 grades(again depending on numbers) depending on their skill level. There will be 1 final for each grade, between the top two players from that grade in each group. If the group winners do not come from the first grade then this may mean more than 3 finals. The grades will be based on ladder rank, but will be ultimately determined by me. The tournament is also open to non-ladder players and I will place you as best I can. The aim here is to keep the tournament interesting for as many players for as long as possible.

-To determine the group finalist, after the regular group games are completed, the top placed player will play 1 game against the 2nd place. If he wins, he goes through to the final. If he loses, they must play one more game with the winner going through to the final.

-In case of a tie between multiple players, the winner of the most matches between these players is ranked above the others.
-If there is still a tie after this process, eliminate the games played against the lowest ranked player(s). Continue to eliminate the games against the next lowest ranked player(s) until one player is ranked above the others.
-If this the tie is still not determined, play off game(s) may have to be arranged or unfortunately if I deem we do not have enough time for this, the ranking may be determined at random.

2. Maps
Player must use the RBY conservative and adventurous set to determine the map for each of their group games. However if a player rolls a map that he has previously played he may request a restart. He can only do this once per game however.

The games for the finals will be pre-picked by me, or if I am a finalist, I will entrust the task to someone else.

3. Timer
Players may mutually agree a timer between them or agree on no timer at all if they wish. If they cannot agree the standard timer is 5min per player per turn (300,300,300,0). If you end up with a larger than usual map such as Arcanclave then you may restart with new timer settings if you wish.

4. Rules regarding matches & forum
Players are obliged to inform when they will play the game in this topic and allow observers to join their games. Games played in the tournament system has to have a "TAF" acronym, number of the round/group & player names that participate in their names.
One of the players should upload the replay to the forum when the game is finished. I would encourage people to try split who uploads the game, the winner or loser, equally so as to increase the suspense for observers. The player should also report the result of the game in spoilers. Comments are very welcome too.

5. Cheating & rules abusing
Cheating is not allowed, cheating players will be banned from the tournament
Rules are never perfect, thus bona fides (good will) should be visible in player behaviour, if the player finds some part of the rules imprecise, malignant behaviour will be punished by an official warning. If the player continues to act in a malignant way, he/she may be banned.

6. Registration phase & Organisation Week
- Registration Phase starts today (15th of February, 2012) and ends next Friday (22nd of February). You can join the tournament sending me a PM with your server/forum nick or post in this topic. All players have to be registered on the boards to secure fluent communication between the opponents!
- It's my understanding that most of the players are in European timezones. In order to make it easier for people not in these timezones to schedule their games, it may be possible to have an American group or Asia/Australia group etc. If any player feels that playing around European timezones might be difficult, pm me with your timezone and I will try, as much as possible, to group you with people in a similar timezone.
- this tournament WILL require small part of your time, so please be sure that you will have enough of the free time to participate without causing major problems to the other tournament players & host.
- after Registration Phase ends, I will randomly assign players to their groups and the Group stage will begin.

7.Other cases not included in the rules
- other cases not included in the rules & rules breaches will be decided by me, I want to play in the tournament too so I urge other players to save replays from the games, post them here and observe other people's games to secure the maximum level of fairness in this tournament. I also promise that I will make a decisions in the best interest of every player of the tournament - if I am involved in some situation that will need some form of GM decision, I will cede my tournament host rights to another player to get a fair judgement

8.Round Times
In general, my rule of thumb is to expect players to play ~3 tournament games every 2 weeks. I will put up exact round times when the player list and groups are decided.

For each two week period I will give each player a list of 3 other players in their group that they should play. Once you receive these names you should contact that player by PM, and arrange a time for your game. Players should complete these games in the 2 week period or come to me with a reasonable explanation why the games weren't completed and the date you have set to do so. Of course if you can play other people during this timeframe that would be great!

I will be quite strict with these rules. In the past a lot of my time has been spent chasing people around to play their games. In addition it can drag a tournament on and cause it to lose momentum. I have 3 possible punishments:
1.You lose the offending game
2.You are removed from the tournament
3.You are banned from any future tournaments I am running.
This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Final: I won't put a time limit on this, after all who want to decide our winner by elimination! However I expect both players to do their best to finish the games as soon as they are able. If I feel I need to intervene then I will.
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Undertaker »

hiiiii....nice job with the tournament ...i would like to play :D
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Rene »

Sign me up :)
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by The Black Sword »

Status Update

Congratulations to The Black Sword and Abhijit for winning The Alternate Frontier!

Code: Select all

  Group Weldyn                 Group Elensefar                  
╔════════════════════╤═╤═╤═╗ ╔════════════════════╤═╤═╤═╗ 
║ Player ............│G│W│L║ ║  Player ...........│G│W│L║ 
╟────────────────────┼─┼─┼─╢ ╟────────────────────┼─┼─┼─╢ 
║1.  Oook............│9│6│3║ ║1.  The Black Sword.│9│8│1║ 
║2.  Undertaker......│9│5│4║ ║2.  plk2............│9│5│4║ 
║3.  Mint............│9│6│3║ ║3.  Rene............│9│2│7║
║4.  Rigor...........│9│4│5║ ║4.  Bast............│5│2│3║
║5.  abhijit.........│9│5│4║ ║5.  Danniel_BR......│7│1│6║ 
║6.  amikrop.........│9│1│8║ ║6.  Duthlet.........│9│8│1║ 
║7.  khorne-flakes...│9│4│5║ ║7.  Dreadnough......│8│5│3║ 
║8.  Castoridae......│9│7│2║ ║8.  noob-killer.....│9│2│7║ 
║9.  NanRage.........│9│3│6║ ║9.  Gnork...........│6│1│5║ 
║10. GaretJax........│9│4│5║ ║10. Kira1...........│7│4│3║ 
╚════════════════════╧═╧═╧═╝ ╚════════════════════╧═╧═╧═╝

Weldyn Playoffs:
Grade 1: Castoridae 1:0 Mint
Grade 2: abhijit 1:0 GaretJax

Elensefar Playoffs:
Grade 1: The Black Sword 1:0 Duthlet
Grade 2: Gnork through by walkover

Grade 1: Castoridae 0:2 The Black Sword
Grade 2: abhijit 2:0 Gnork


No Khalifate players list
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Mint »

+1 for the tournament ^_^
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by abhijit »

Finally! :)
sign me up pls :)
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by amikrop »

Sign me up too!
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Gallifax »

Well I am interested, but default freelands and sablestone are too imba for fair games imo, onis too for some matchups. If I were you I would restrict games to well balanced maps. Like HGBL , COB, Hamlets, Sullas, TOK, Fallenstar, Weldyn, Silverhead, maybe astral port.

You could ofc take my latest edit of freelands , might not be perfect, but about 30 testmatches showed it to be much better than default.

You certainly wouldnt want this test to be ruined by badly balanced maps, would you?
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Bast »

Hello, i'd like to register. Time to discover the alternate.
See ya.
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Dreadnough »

If you would mind to explain how this era works (or share a link) I will consider playing the tournament.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Gallifax »

I just jump in here , if you dont mind. You find the era on the addon server.

It has its own set of leaders and some unit balancechanges, see the alternate era thread here in this forum for more.
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by khorne-flakes »

Hi ;) sign me in :hmm:
The Black Sword
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by The Black Sword »

Gallifax explained the era succinctly. I've added a link to the development thread in the first post. Hope you can play Dreadnough.

I'll think about the map choices, I don't really want to make a new map picker just for this tournament. I originally went for the adventurous pack because I like to encourage people to play the less well known maps.

One other order of business then, Wintermute's been talking to me about including the khalifate in the tournament and I would like the opinion of any players for or against. From my perspective, it reduces the amount of alternate era games, but not much, and it would be a good test for the khalifate but I'm mostly wondering which option you'd enjoy more. :)
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by Rigor »

khalifa would be enough to make me participate. :mrgreen: sign me in!
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Re: (TAF)The Alternate Frontier, 1v1 wesnoth tournament

Post by NanRage »

hi, Sr. TBS if posible i would also like to play it. Salut-
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