[Complete] Tournament of Champions 2v2 Results and Information

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[Complete] Tournament of Champions 2v2 Results and Information

Post by IB »

This is a placeholder for the round one drawing and also the place to post match results. I'm just posting it now so I can include it in the team pms I'm about to send out. This post will be edited at a later date.

Team pms have been sent out to the follow:


Team: IB & Motrax
Players: IB & Motrax

Team: Soliton & Pietro
Players: Soliton & Pietro
PM: Pietro

Team: krotop & ripfrench
Players: krotop & ripfrench & ZOB
PM: krotop

Players: jb & Wintermute
PM: Wintermute

Team: matoxxx & moonlight
Players: matoxxx & moonlight
PM: Anul

Team: Sargy & Tux
Players: Sargy & Tux
PM: sargy

Team: zero1 & PhD
Players: zero1 & PhD

Team: JW & Taurus
Players: JW & Taurus
PM: Taurus

Team: N3T
Players: F8_binds_n3t & Baufo_n3t & Garison
PM: F8 Binds...

Team: Greywolf & Zephyr
Players: Greywolf & Zephyr
PM: greywolfexcel

Team: Cackfiend & LeakyPens
Players: Cackfiend & LeakyPens
PM: Cackfiend

Team: Sombra & Nordmann
Players: Sombra & Nordmann
PM: Nordmann

Team: Kalis & telly
Players: Kalis & telly
PM: Kalis

Team: Hhondar & Rzrzz
Players: Hhondar & Rzrzz
PM: Hhondar

Team: Noy
Players: Dragonking & Noy & Becephalus
PM: Noy

Team: Horus & Steven
Players: Horus & soul_steven
PM: Horus & Steven

The start date has been moved back a week as I was rushing to meet the start date bec had chosen. There is no need to rush so the start date will be pushed back a week to allow for extra organization. I'll be sending additional pms to the teams advising them of the change.


Current Schedule:
Feb 14th: First Round Draw
Feb 17th: Start of Round 1
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Post by IB »

Okay I'm thinking of making the first round draw sooner so people have more time to talk to their opponents and schedule their games.

Also a few of the teams have nominated a 3rd backup player just incase. I will be adding the 3rd player to the team roster, but they will be playing for the glory of the other 2 :D
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Post by IB »

Just to let everyone know what is going on.

Backup Players:

I was going to deprive them of their name on the trophy to make them make their own team, but in the interests of making sure enough players show up Noy and I have agreed that we should encourage getting a third player. Just pm me or post in the signup thread before the first round drawing if you wish to add a third teammate.

Team Names:

Seeing all 3 players now get the glory, I'm thinking of letting you name your teams something silly, like HODOR.

First Round Draw:

The plan currently is to have 2 pots. Teams will be listed 1-16. Pot 1 will have 1-8 and pot 2 9-16. 2 Random people will call out the numbers, I'll find a nice highclass 1v1, and then we will find out the pairings.

First Round:

Is set to start on the 17th, and end when all the results are in. I'm hoping the 24th, but we will how fast results pour in.


Feel free to post your results and replays in this thread once we get underway.
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Post by TheChosenOne »

So just where's Mr. Game?
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Post by IB »

Maybe he is busy coming up with more ass related nicks.

We have 16 teams confirmed now. Everything is on schedule.

I've updated team names for Winter & jb, those crazy n3ters and Noy, who said you should be able to call it whatever you want, for example: Team Noy :D

Keep those 3rd teammates and team names coming.

Next post should be the first round draw.
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good job

Post by sargy »

thanks ib, seems to be finally about to happen :) looking forward to it, keep up the good work
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Post by IB »

Looking for the first round draw? April Fool! What do you mean it's not April yet? The draw will be delayed one day as I want to talk to Noy before we go ahead with it. Seems he is offline when I'm online and vice versa. Promise the next post will have a draw in it :)
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Post by IB »

Code: Select all

Soliton & Pietro --------------
vs                             |-
matoxxx & moonlight -----------

JW & Taurus & Myth ------------
vs                             |-
Hhondar & Rzrzz ---------------

jb & Wintermute ---------------
vs                             |-
Kalis & telly -----------------

Sargy & Tux -------------------
vs                             |-
Horus & Steven  ---------------

IB & Motrax -------------------
vs                             |-
Cackfiend & LeakyPens ---------

zero1 & PhD -------------------
vs                             |-
F8_binds & Baufo & Garison ----

Dragonking & Noy & Becephalus -
vs                             |-
krotop & ripfrench & ZOB ------

Sombra & Nordmann -------------
vs                             |-
Greywolf & Zephyr ------------- 
Edit: Added Myth.
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Post by Sombra »

thx IB and Noy for taking care of the organisation.

Whats the official starting time?

Saturday: 18:00h GMT for example?
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Post by IB »

The starting time is whenever you can get 4 people together :) I should probably repost the maps for the first round here too.
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Hhondar and Rzrzz -new alternate: Karo!

Post by Hhondar »

Hi I'm having trouble tracking down Rzrzz, so an alternate is needed! Karo seems most reliable. We should be able to play our game tommorow morning *fingers crossed* thanks! -Hhondar

P.S. Would it be possible to 'pick someone from the crowd' if it comes to that and for whatever reason neither partner nor alternate can be found?
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Post by IB »

I'm tempted to say default, but if you can get your opponents to agree I guess it would be okay.
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Taurus & Myth vs Hhondar & Karo results

Post by Hhondar »

The first game of the tournament started at a very early 1:30am eastern time.

Here is the game 1 replay! Sadly, we [Hhondar/Karo] were defeated =(.

Items of note: Taurus' (red)'s revolving defense! 2 mages, 1 HI, 1 Spearman in a tight formation. It was a versitile force.

Here also is game 2.5* which, tragically, we lost as well. =(

note: Karo's leader's epic last stand! He was 2 hits from winning that game btw(!!!)

Despite playing like a snuggit (obligitory self-justifications: lack of sleep/practice +last minute partnership) the games were a lot of fun and far more educational than the last 2 months of Isar's Cross and DotG! Wesnoth really benifits from a competitive edge, you're inspired to really reexamine your playing and improve! MORE TOURNAMENTS! Good luck in future rounds Taurus/Myth/JW!

*we restarted after someone got booted and saw the map.
Game 1 TaurusMyth vs HhondarKaro
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Game 2.5 HhondarKaro vs TaurusMyth
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Post by Anul »

We played the tournament matches.
Here the results and the matches in attachment.

Soliton & Pietro - Matoxxx & Moonlight result: 2-0

Castle Hopping Island
Soliton (Undead) & Pietro (Knalgan Alliance) vs Matoxxx (Loyalists) & Moonlight (northeners)

Soliton (Knalgan alliance) & Pietro (Knalgan Alliance) vs Matoxxx (Undead) & Moonlight (Rebels)

Soliton & Pietro won.
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Horus & Steven
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Post by Horus & Steven »

unfourtanly me and horus had to forfiet considerings hes on vacation and rescheduling difficulties and my mom in the other room screaming at me and all around major complications best of luck to tux and sargy threwout the tournament
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