Which is better for UMC? .mo or .po?

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Which is better for UMC? .mo or .po?

Post by Atreides »

In 1.14 either works so this raises the question of which to use in one's add ons. I'm using _both_ and it seems... redundant. :-) Poedit creates both by default...
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Re: Which is better for UMC? .mo or .po?

Post by octalot »

I think .po, as you need the .po files anyway to edit them.

There's probably a performance advantage to using .mo, but that's probably not worth worrying about unless your add-on has Ageless Era's quantity of strings.
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Re: Which is better for UMC? .mo or .po?

Post by Iris »

Definitely .po unless you make the .po files available for translators in some other way outside the game.
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