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Zoom suggestion

Post by Moistrobot »

Hi :)

2 suggestions. I know there has been some previous discussions around zoom on the iPad & iPhone but I have been finding with the pinch feature it I often accidentally am zoom in and out when I am trying to move a unit or do some other command. I would suggest a menu option for zooming in and out would be more stable than a pinch gesture.

Also beyond the scope of the iOS port but I was thinking that the dire wolf graphic would be cool if it was black instead of a grey wolf.

Just two random things. Take them for whatever they maybe worth. :) Thanks again for all your efforts!
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Re: Zoom suggestion

Post by singalen »

Thanks for your suggestions!

Do you zoom because you touch a screen with another finger, or does it happen when you drag one finder over the screen?
If it's the latter, then it's a bug. If it's the former, well... We may introduce an advanced option to do so.

I think the dire wolf suggestion belongs to the art subforum,
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