Advice for playing MP asynchronous?

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Advice for playing MP asynchronous?

Post by Paul5678 »

My friend and I are hoping to play Wesnoth slowly over the course of a week or so, by sending a save file back and forth.
We'd like to use iPads for his. Anyone has experience with such a project?

We were thinking to maybe use a File Explorer to move the iPad game save file to a shared folder on Google drive.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Advice for playing MP asynchronous?

Post by Pentarctagon »

Moved to iOS Support.
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Re: Advice for playing MP asynchronous?

Post by singalen »

There is a plan to make savegames exportable, but not currently, sorry.
You could be able to do that if you had a jailbroken iPad.
If I discover a simpler way to code it, it would happen sooner.
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