My Review of the game on IOS, and my issues.

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My Review of the game on IOS, and my issues.

Post by Realhi87 »

Hello. I was contacted by one of the developers to come to the support forum and post my issues. So, I am going to do just that. I have recieved the latest update of Wesnoth on IOS, which I believe is IOS 11. My issues were nothing to do with custom mods I may have downloaded, it was the base game. (I have Wesnoth on my Laptop and do not experience these issues.) Some include the game crashing when making a custom map, and that’s assuming you can create a custom map, due to how broken it currently is. You are unable to click the “done” button, due to it being blocked. Another issue is the faction/campaign selection. The old system was far smoother and easier to navigate. Now you are forced to use the scroll bar, and it is VERY finicky to deal with, often times scrolling right past everything in the middle. The gameplay remains fine, it’s simply the new UI that’s causing all the issues. Even setting up a game can be a half-hour long endeavor. Again though, other than the UI needing a major overhaul, the game is working fine. It’s just that actually being anle to play it on my phone at any time is extremely difficult. Anyway though. I hope I was able to maybe point something out. If not, well my bad. Thank you in advance.
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Re: My Review of the game on IOS, and my issues.

Post by singalen »

Hello, thanks for taking the effort, and welcome to the forums!

iPad and iPhone versions are severely different (iPhone lags years behind), which one do you have? What hardware do you have?
(edit: I see, it's iPhone).

If it crashes for you, I would ask you to enable crash reports: go to Settings > Privacy > "Diagnostics & Usage" and select "Automatically Send", and "Share with App Developers". Alternatively (more troublesome for both parties), you can manually select battleforwesnoth's crash report from "Analytics data" and PM it to me.

Can I also please have a screenshot of "Done" button being blocked" in PM? This is about random map generation, correct? I was actually able to start a game on iPhone 5S. The trick is to drag a scrollbar's slider. It's a horrible usability on a phone, I know.

Speaking of faction/campaign selection - I see, it's about an iPhone version. I couldn't make swipe-scrolling work the first time I made a pass at it, it's still in the nearest plans.

Speaking about the new UI - I'm not sure what you're referring to as the "old" one. As for me, I liked the 1.4 interface much more, and I still want to redesign the multiplayer creation/lobby UI. I just don't see when in the world I can do that 8(
I'm afraid we'll have to stick with the mainline interface, because there are much more pressing matters, like doing the new iPhone version. Sorry, too much work, too few of me.

Yeah, the income slides, at least, are tiny on iPhone... that's something that needs to be fixed, soon.

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