1.15.x Project Manager Election Results

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1.15.x Project Manager Election Results

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As a brief recap, the Battle for Wesnoth Project recently decided to adopt the Project Constitution in order to regulate and codify the Project’s governance going forward. Part of the deal that the Project unanimously accepted was an immediate call to elections for the Project Manager role. Two people out of eight accepted their nominations for candidacy: Pentarctagon and Charles Dang (Vultraz). Voting was conducted for a period of 14 days.

The results (detailed in WOU-20200627-1) are as follows:
  • Votes: Pentarctagon (9), Vultraz (3)
  • Abstentions: 8
With the Wesnoth, Inc. Board of Directors having just confirmed the Project’s choice, this means that Pentarctagon now becomes the Project Manager of the Battle for Wesnoth Project for the remainder of the 1.15.x development cycle, and it is up to him and his Project Council to draft a Development Roadmap for version 1.16 in cooperation with the rest of the Development Team.

Congratulations to him, and good luck!
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