Wesnoth 1.14.9 for iOS: iPhone universal version, iCloud, maintenance release

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Wesnoth 1.14.9 for iOS: iPhone universal version, iCloud, maintenance release

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Universal binary
For technical and historical reasons, Wesnoth on iPhones has been using version 1.10 while Wesnoth on iPads has been using version 1.14 ("HD"), and as such have been available as separate iOS applications.
However, with this update, iPhones and iPads will now both be using the same “HD” version.
  • For iPhone owners, this means you get an update to the latest 1.14 version (iPhone has been on 1.10 for far too long). We will also see what can be done to move existing saves, however they will most likely not work with 1.14.
  • For iPad owners, this means you can play the same version on iPhone as well.
Everybody who owns either version will get a free upgrade to a bundle of both Wesnoth and Wesnoth HD. Because of the way the AppStore works, the bundle may be delayed for a week or two.
That said, the old iPhone Wesnoth application is deprecated and the 1.10 multiplayer servers will most likely be shut down.

Saves are now auto-synced to iCloud. This means:
  • You can download iOS saves with a web browser and drop them into desktop Wesnoth’s saves directory.
  • And vice versa: you can upload desktop saves to iOS device.
Release update
The version is also synced to 1.14.9, the latest stable Wesnoth release.
https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/blob ... rsion-1149
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