Us are moghty orks!

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Re: Us are moghty orks!

Post by pe_em »

Pe_em the Orcish Assasin said:
Whoukhakhakha! Youkh khonkha dai!
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Re: Us are moghty orks!

Post by ForestDragon »

Ai maik peradi lirikes fur "What does the Fox say?", ze peradi neim is "Wahd das ze trul sei?" tu transeleit to hoonam lagnuage : "What does the Troll Say?"
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Re: Us are moghty orks!

Post by s1m0n »

Wha'happen to moghty Orcse? Only Me an' ze Trolls alive now! Trolls stronk! Trolls mighty! Trolls revife the so-kaled "Forum" in the not-we-live-pleyce!
eh, what comes here again?
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Re: Us are moghty orks!

Post by patience_reloaded »

Iiiihhh hhhhavehhhh drainehhhhd manyhhhh orkshhhh...
Ihhh hham ahhh specthhherhhhh...
hhhiffff youhhh hhreallyhhh whhanthh tohh fighhhhhht mehhh youhhh orkshhh... chhhomehh tohh mehhhh.
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