Guess the song

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Re: Guess the song

Post by vultraz »

Yes, from Ed Sheeran, but what's the name.
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Re: Guess the song

Post by TheBlackThunderX9 »

A new manipulation
Take advantage of what you deny

(Here comes the countdown)
(Three) So step right up and see
(Two) The possibilities
(One) We are everything you wanted

You want it all right now
Right now

(Three, two, one)
So degraded
The show has just begun
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Re: Guess the song

Post by Dugi »

dipseydoodle wrote:It's a great day for fire.
It's a great day for wrath.
it's a warriors desire.
Ride down the mountain side

Blinding days in the desert.
Blinding sun in my eyes.
Mighty cities before.
Ride with your eyes held high
I told to myself that I would not google this, because googling is way too easy. It took me almost a year, but I found it (quite serendipitously, though). It's the song Warriors from the band called I, a side project of Immortal's frontman Abbath Doom Occulta. I discovered that the band had riffs that were really worth listening and listened to it from youtube and the lyrics were quite familiar.
And this contains no screaming, so vultraz should not be afraid of this.

My throw:
Her beauty moved the new world with a glare,
With a smile
To a land of heroes and glorious kings
They will one day be born, it has been written
In songs they will always remember her

You will have a little piece of time yourself
We will live like this forever

Many will be dead below your feet, o' vision of cruelty
For your sake heroes shall be born again
For there is vengeance in your eyes, it will mean torturing
And death unto the sons of the kings'

In your face, o' beautiful child
Are the signs of warning
And the entrails of your past

Hint: No Vikings in the roots of this band, but it comes from the North too. It might sound a bit like metalcore, but it definitely isn't (no pop-like choruses for example).

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Re: Guess the song

Post by Chewan »

Dugi, that was easy, without googling!
It's 'Escape from Oblivion' from Efraim's second album 'Ascension' (also on 'Best of Ceisse').
In an interview with Sky TV Weldyn he stated that the lyrics were inspired by the concrete experience
of his lady hovering between death and eternal life as superwoman.
It happened indeed in the North (of his homeland), and the elves (eager to join in as a choir with some upbeat hymns)
were flatly reject by the sponsor (Abaddon Ltd.). AFAIK, Universal Entropy Records was about to produce more heavy metal or rap-like stuff and get it licensed under GPL...
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Re: Guess the song

Post by Dugi »

:lol: That was hilarious.

But despite its overall similarity with many events of my campaign (I admit that its story was the reason why I posted it), it is a real song from a real band. But it was released in 2012 and most of LotI chapters were already published at that time, so there is a little chance...
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