Permanent IDs for campaign / add-ons and query this via an URL?

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Permanent IDs for campaign / add-ons and query this via an URL?

Post by shevegen »

Now ... I am having problem with my memory. I can't remember the names of campaigns!

I could write things down but I am lazy. Which works against me- :P

But I use sort of "bookmarks". So my idea was "hmm ... what if I can just have an ID, a number,
and query that, for an add-on?"

That way I could have, say, the id 3852 and it would always point at the same add-on.

Then I could query that automatically via some URL / API and get the name of the
addon. Now admittedly this is not a great use case for OTHER people... but still, I
wanted to suggest it. Is it possible that we can query the add-ons via a web-interface?
A bit like the in-game description, but optionally also with a number based ID API.


Even if a campaign is removed, that number would always continue to work. Would
be useful for the future too, perhaps, if some campaign is changed over the years.
And some URL that people can easily use. Perhaps that one already exists, but
probably not number based. This is just a VERY rough idea, don't bother to think
too much about it. ;)
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