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New player

Post by Firense »

Hey all, just wanted to let you all know Im new to this game and decided to show my face on the forum :)
Its actually rather funny, I just came back from a holiday to Crete, where I played this game on the computer, and I just totally loved it. Well, I'm not a man (boy :P) whos played small games, as an ex-Guild Wars, World of Warcraft player, it almost seems weird to like a game like this, but I think its awesome. Well, just wanted to say hi, Im done downloading the game now so you might see me online in about 5 minutes ;)

Kind regards, Firense
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Post by Sombra »

:D Nice way to introduce yourself. Have fun and enjoy
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Post by Ken_Oh »

I think this is the first time someone has decided to introduce themselves before actually playing the game.

Regardless, welcome!
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Konrad II
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Post by Konrad II »

Ken Oh wrote:I think this is the first time someone has decided to introduce themselves before actually playing the game.

Regardless, welcome!
He did play it before posting this.


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Post by BloodIssyl »

i guess the more people online to play with, the better.

Welcome to the forums.
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Post by Feanaro »

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Post by Dave »

Welcome to Wesnoth.

Welcome to the concept that a game's quality is not determined by its polygon count. :)
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Post by thack »

Hi guys, would like to to take this opportunity to introduce myself as well.
A relatively new player to this game (just finished HttT on easy level), but, still, i don't have the confidence to play MP online, so right now, i am just observing people playing there.

Oh, and many thanks to all those who contributed in developing such a good game!
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Post by PsychoticMuffin »

Welcome guys. To both of you new players: Download the development version! It's always much more balanced, easier to use, and it's usually more "stable" than the stable version is. Also that way if you're interested in creating campaigns, your WML won't be left in the dust when the stable is upgraded.
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Post by Turuk »

Welcome to both of you, it's always nice to have more people on board that are interested in playing the game!

If you have any questions, as you've probably caught on, the forum is the place to ask, and using the search function to look for help on a scenario or campaign is a good idea since they've all been discussed.

If you have any questions, feel free to private message me on here, I'll be more than happy to help. Beyond that, good luck and have fun!
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Post by salvaniv »

Hi I'm new too(forum),I play in the game something like 2-3 months. My english isn't the best but try to get over it. I hope to see more players in the servers and good luck to the new players.
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