Scenario 2: The Chase

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Re: Scenario 2: The Chase

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Remellion wrote: December 26th, 2015, 2:49 pm 1. Played on Grand Knight (Challenging), 1.15.14. Also numerous times before on 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 and 1.12, so I know what's coming.

2. Difficulty is oddly enough OK. Again the challenge is to keep loyals alive, although being a short campaign with an army of loyals, it isn't crippling to lose a few. (Was a little too reckless and lucky with my knights, but it worked out...) I remember having great difficulties in earlier versions when facing the onslaught of elvish scouts; could be down to luck or better strategy on my part now. Probably around 6/10.

3. Objective is clear. Go north. I remember being surprised by the shroud at the north hiding the full length of the map when I first played this scenario ages ago, then scrambling to finish in time, but unless the player dallies there shouldn't really be a danger of running out of time.

4. Dialogue is simple and effective. The elves' motivation for the fight is a little out of character I think; simply removing or changing Nil-Galion's dying lines may be better. Or hinting in the introductory dialogue that he has a different motivation than he lets on.
Now the elves' dialogue makes a lot more sense. Still the same hostile tone hinted in the scenario introduction, but it also makes sense why they're more hostile to a large group of horsemen and spearmen than to a small party of mages. Great improvement.

5. Challenges. Mostly the initial onslaught of scouts. They have mobility, terrain and time of day advantages in the first few turns, along with a healthy elvish hero right up the front lines. Scouts have high mobility, meaning that they can easily reach in and pick off any wounded or weak units in your formation. Likewise they can very likely reach any available hex unless blocked or ZoC'ed, so leaving open hexes around your units is particularly dangerous.

With that in mind, the natural strategy is to let them come to you. Loyalists being pierce-heavy is good versus the mounted scouts, and spearmen being cheap and having melee and ranged retaliation is extremely useful. Staying in the 60% starting keep and letting the elves attack from 40% flat, keeping a tight formation helps survival. Leaving only 2 hexes open on your loyals also increases their chances of survival. When dawn finally breaks, the tides turn naturally to your favour. (I lost a spearmen, and should've lost a knight in the subsequent hasty rush northwards... careless and greedy play there.) This time, just fodder spearmen. Lots of fodder spearmen. It hurt, and the time limit combined with a lack of safe villages near the camp meant that I took losses, and had to hurry north with a wounded party. Whoever survives is probably levelling up. Also, I restarted the scenario once since I made a blunder costing a levelled unit (it was probably still even more winning than this replay though.)

The other issue is realising that there is shroud on the north side of the map, and reaching in time to complete the objectives. Knowing this beforehand, I rushed north, and had enough time to farm the revenants for exp before finishing (recalling footpads for this purpose at the start.)
Thank you Muff Toras for rushing towards the hostile war party out to get you, it really helped with that time limit.

6. Funnosity is a 7 for me, since figuring out how to survive the start is interesting. Once the elves run out of fodder though, the rest of the scenario is just a steamroller north.

7. Improvements... Hm. For a start, a bigger keep for the elves, and more gold (perhaps to start recruiting on turn 4, such that the elves put some sterner resistance after the initial rush.) Likewise, the dark adept shouldn't rush out suicidally - maybe deathblades rather than revenants to increase their range, and definitely something to stop the adept coming out to die. Or perhaps setting the adept at 2 exp to leveling up, such that it might become a more interesting situation to finish him off. This is all still true, but the challenge is still as good as it already has been. At least the dark adept no longer runs out in front of the revenants, he stays behind his skeletons.
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