The game can not be save

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The game can not be save

Post by Choyz »

It's my first time playing wesnoth and have a problem with it, I hope you can help me to solve it, thanks ^_^

Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
Wesnoth version 1.11.16-win32 - Language "Indonesia"

The problem is in campaign The Throne Heir (Konrad as main Character) after the section with Li'sar the game can't be save
I also include last point in game I could save and stderr file

I hope to know your answer soon. :)
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Re: The game can not be save

Post by Dugi »

Did you try restarting the game and saving again? Does it happen also with other campaigns?

This can be a wild guess, but maybe the save files' folder has wrong permissions.
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Re: The game can not be save

Post by Max »

there's an issue with saving filenames that include non-ansi characters. looking at the translation files it seems to be the first scenario that has non-ansi characters in it.

it works as long as your system locale doesn't differ from the selected language in wesnoth.
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