A "9 xp left to advance" trap

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A "9 xp left to advance" trap

Post by dwarftough »

Hi guys, wanna bring your attention to a little tactical thing for which I'd like to coin a term "9 xp to level trap". Hope sounds fancy enough :D got caught in it myself and seen it today again so decided to tell here.

What's the deal? The opponent has a unit. You can't kill it but can attack to inflict some damage. You rush to do so. Really, why not? The unit will have to retreat having less HP, if it persists there, you can kill it. But alas, you forgot that it had 9 xp to level before you attacked. And after your attack the unit has now 8 xp to level, i.e. it levels in one kill. And this can really turn the tide against you as the unit, instead of retreating, rush to kill a unit, levels, heals fully and got more powerful. May have a ruinating effect. That's the deal, hope you'll find it useful or at least interesting to note
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Re: A "9 xp left to advance" trap

Post by patience_reloaded »

Thanks for pointing out!
I think using lv0 units can counter this in some aspects: Attacking the opponent with a lv0 unit doesn't give them XP, and even if they kill the unit, they won't be 1xp away from levelling up, but 5, which can give you more time.
But the 9xp to level trap is definitely something to watch out for.
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Re: A "9 xp left to advance" trap

Post by Atreides »

Worse still those 9xp trappers don't have a white xp bar making them harder to spot. :-)
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