World Conquest: Surviving the Nightmare

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Re: World Conquest: Surviving the Nightmare

Post by tekelili »

I like this guide, just a few comments (it sounds a little balant, but feel myself one of the stongest wc players :geek: ):

1- I am not agree with your dislike about super units and go for spread items. Super units allow you create choke points and redraw front lines where you otherway would struggle. A unit with highg defense/poison/drain/regeneration/high damage, will be just not attacked at all, allowing you place an impassible terrain (with zoc!) wherever you need. This front size reduction works better for surviving (as you pointed well, main task), that 5 units with 1 item.

2- About getting new recruits: If I can get darvish fighter or elvish shaman as new recruits, I will do. They are better that almost any hero or item. In fact these 2 units are all what you need to beat WC nightmare.

3- I agree with your 3 favored heroes: ghost, shaman, darvish fighter. But I want add a 4th, Orcish Leader+poison item on map1. The huge amount of hp of this unit + AI will often try avoid attack him (with both poison at melee and ranged), makes him a good tank. If you stack on him items you find or buy him more tankiness (drain/regenaration/flying/force field) you will eventually have a unit that even offering 4 hexes to AI will be not touched. Add this to leadership (wich improves a lot lvl2 stuck units like augurs or white mages) and you will see he is a premium hero. I think poison item is infravalored for lot of wc players, but I find it as powerfull as slow. Just poison a lvl3 claser with range, and you will see AI will often just stand in place without even attack anymore. (this works for tanky/high-retaliation poisoners, poor orcish assasins will be always attacked and most like killed).

4- I think you recommend few healers: From my experince, every time you have less +8 healers than map number, you are in trouble. Sure, you can beat AI with less, but you will need some luck with terrain. To really heal your army at a comfortable ratio, you need 5 healers in map 5, and so on.
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Re: World Conquest: Surviving the Nightmare

Post by MRDNRA »

I'd say an ideal tank might include a Dwarf Guardsman with regen! That said I've only had the opportunity to try it once, there are usually still better combinations available!
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Re: World Conquest: Surviving the Nightmare

Post by roidanton »

I tried this yesterday with solo Northeners on Lieutenant difficulty and Orcish Leader as super-hero, equipped with leadership banner, poison, drains, regen, arcane and flying - went surprisingly well. Quickly ran through the first 5 maps, mostly finished in about half the time, where I already owned almost all the villages, so I then went for some xp until last turn - yielding a ton of gold for next scenario and a huge army of lvl 3 units. Which tells me that the difficulty was way too low and I'll redo this on Sergeant or General.

Regarding healers, I would like to try out Knalgans - fantastic tanks and their advancements also do some decent damage. Unfortunately, this faction neither has any scout nor healer recruits. So Shaman recruits and scout hero? How many scouts would you recommend?

When I played this with the Northeners, I got a Mage hero on most of the maps, so I had too few scouts in the end and more healers than I needed.
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