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Which WML Editors Do You Use?

Post by tvynr »

As may have been established from my recent posts, I use KWrite to edit my WML files. My desktop runs Linux and I prefer KDE for my desktop environment. However, it's entirely likely that there are a number of people out there with different preferences and I was curious as to exactly which editors people use. I consider syntax highlighting a very helpful debugging tool, especially in light of the fact that the Wesnoth WML parser, as powerful as it can be at times, has a tendency to fail silently on things it doesn't like (i.e., undefined macros).

So if there are any other text editors that people use which support configurable syntax highlighting like KWrite (especially if they're cross-platform compatible, since I'd like the work to do as much good as possible) and either the userbase is large enough or my preference lies with one of those editors over KWrite (not hard to imagine), I might want to put together some kind of syntax highlighting for it.

So, what do people use to edit their WML files?
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Post by SkeletonCrew »

I haven't edited WML files yet, but once I start with it I'll use vim ( http://www.vim.org ) crossplatform and configurable syntax highlighting available.
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Post by Rhuvaen »

I use gedit since I prefer the gnome desktop. :)
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Post by Baufo »

SkeletonCrew wrote:I haven't edited WML files yet, but once I start with it I'll use vim ( http://www.vim.org ) crossplatform and configurable syntax highlighting available.
That's what I use.
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Post by elricz »

I use Notepad2, in Windows. For WML it just highlights the rows with the tags, but that is enough for what I do with the files.
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Post by WildPenguin »

I use GNU/Emacs for all of my text-editing (including this post :wink:).
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Post by DraconicBlessing »

I'm on a Windows box. Someone linked to Programmer's Notepad 2 about a week ago - I've taken to using that.
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Post by Darth Fool »

I use emacs and occaisionally wordpad.
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Post by tvynr »

Thanks for the responses; keep 'em coming. :) I'll summarize the possibilities of syntax highlighting in each of the editors mentioned. Regardless, however, I appreciate the information; it gives me an idea as to the tools currently being used by the BfW community. ;)

Emacs: I'll have to look into the possibility of syntax highlighting here. I have no experience with Emacs nor its syntax highlighting.

Gedit: I've developed a small syntax highlighting definition for Gedit, which I posted in another thread. I'm afraid it's not very good, though, mostly owing to an almost total lack of documentation on GtkSourceView.

Notepad 2: Sadly, the FAQ says that adding a syntax highlighting scheme requires modification of the source code. That's a little beyond the scope of what I'm interested in doing.

Vim: I can try to develop a syntax highlighting specification for Vim. However, my initial investigation suggests that the syntax highlighting specs for this editor are very complex, so it might take a while. ;)

Wordpad: Obviously doesn't support syntax highlighting. :)

In summary, a simplistic Gedit WML syntax highlighting definition is complete, but I don't know how extensible it will be. Emacs and Vim are possibilities; I'll see what I can do.

How much would syntax highlighting help people in their WML development?

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Post by turin »

Vim already has a sort of generic config file syntax highlighting; I fail to see why anything more is needed.
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Post by Ken_Oh »

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Post by tvynr »

Thank you, Ken Oh, for the link... I'm not sure why I didn't think to search for this topic before I posted. Sorry about that. :-P

turin: Perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away; I'm really pleased with the effect that the KWrite syntax highlighting definition has had on our development efforts. However, KWrite/Kate offers a really nice state stack in its syntax highlighting system, which allows me to properly handle nested macros and all of that. This might not translate over well to other editors like Vim. But I'd be willing to make the effort if enough of the people who use Vim for WML editing are dissatisfied with its syntax highlighting behavior. Vim's default config file highlighting seems to be quite decent for small stuff, but it quickly gets messy when you're editing a fifty line macro.
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Post by Sapient »

I use notepad (the normal one, not notepad2), wordpad, and occaisionally vim. In short, I'm a glutton for pain. 8)
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Post by Noyga »

I usually use one of those 3 : vim, gedit, nedit
If i have time i might make WML highlighting for nedit.
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Post by Lord_Aether »

How about Smultron for mac?
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