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[Policy] Release Schedule

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Regular stable point releases
  • There will be a bi-weekly pot update so that translations' status and statistics are kept up to date.
  • There will still be a string freeze two weeks prior to any new stable branch point release.
  • All commits with string changes must be submitted as a PR and approved by the UI, SP content, or MP content maintainer as appropriate. The purpose of this is to double check for correctness in order to reduce the need for minor typo fixes and corrections later, which then also increases rework for translators.
  • Releases would be done as needed as determined by the PM, rather than on a strict schedule, other than at minimum requiring a point release every three months. This will ensure that in the case of development of the stable branch decreasing that minor bugfixes will still eventually be released to users.
Regular development point releases
  • Development point releases will be done at 00:00 UTC on the third Sunday of every month.
  • Development point releases have no string freeze or bi-weekly pot update.
Development beta releases
  • Development beta releases will be done at 00:00 UTC on the third Sunday of every month.
  • The start of beta will be determined by the project roadmap.
  • The development branch string freeze begins.
  • The development branch feature freeze begins - no major overhauls/refactors/etc of any area of the game should take place at this point either.
Development release candidate releases
  • The third beta becomes RC1.
  • Further RC releases will be done as needed.
New stable release
  • Released one month after RC1, assuming there are no remaining blocker issues.
Emergency releases
  • Hopefully rare, and done as needed to address security and-or game breaking bugs.
  • Emergency releases do not replace the regular point release dates, especially for the stable branch which needs a string freeze and translations update for stable point releases.
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