Era of Galactic Conflict (EoGC)

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Era of Galactic Conflict (EoGC)

Post by Korben »

Good Day People of the Wesnoth Forum

I´m happy to present my concept Era of Galactic Conflict, a classic SciFi Era with (currently) 4 different Factions.

Since there isn´t much Science Fiction stuff going on with Wesnoth besides Galactic Empires and The War of Terrador, it was my intent to create a Era with a classic SciFi setting, just as the mainline/basic Wesnoth has a classic Fantasy-Theme.

Factions and Units

Aliens (for the lack of a better Name)
Space Pirates (I´m bad with names)

Aims and special things

- three different ranges
- interesting maps with unusual combination of terrain types and different day-night circles
- a campaign (if enough people like the era, and enough additional spare time assumed)
- new Damage Types
- lots of stolen scifi stuff hidden popcultural references!

Problems and Questions

-atm I´m thinking about Damage Types, so far I have: Heat (for both flamethrowers and Plasma Guns), Bullet, Ion (good against all things electronic), Blade and „Explosive“. I´m just wondering if the last Type makes sense, since a) exploding stuff is effective against virtually everything and b) I don’t want Rock-paper-Sciccors-mechanics. Like the Demo-Man has a rocket launcher which is good against tanks, which are good against footsoldiers, which are good against anti-tank-guys.

-would it be possible to not only have a male/female variant but alien species variants? For example, to have a Colinist Milita be a Human male/female, but also a Alien-Species X/Y? And how easy would that be to implement?

What do I want from you?

Your soul feedback!
Do you like my idea? Do you have any additions, complaints, ideas, suggestions, critique?
Currently im working on something playable with placeholder-graphics. I also have two people i know from uni who told me they could do art for me, i really hope i can show you some stuff soon.
However, if you are interested in helping me in any way -art, code, sound/music, translation, play testing or other, I´ll be very very happy :)

Best regards (and please excuse my crude writing and bad english)
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Re: Era of Galactic Conflict (EoGC)

Post by PastaSaucey »

Hey, Korben!

I must say that I find it very interesting :shock: that we both are doing pretty much the same thing.

Let me explain: I have been working on ideas to expand the Galactic Empires Era by Bob_the_Mighty and some of the ideas that you mention are ones that I considered ;). Basically, I wanted it for a campaign I was working on set in 2203YW (long after the fall, magic has died and has given rise to science, bla bla bla :roll: ) called A World to Come -- which is actually the third campaign in a trilogy titled Heroes are Forged.
The factions I wanted to appear in the campaign were the Terran Defenders (human), Astro Orcs, Dwartha Empire, Khani Klan (basically a 23rd century khalifate), The Ildari Remnants (elves), Vendeni Invaders, Galactic Outlaws (almost like your space pirates) and your typical hostile Green Men :P.

The campaign will play off of the legend in UtBS about the humans and dwarves leaving Irdya via space ship. They will soon discover that orcs tagged along, and the elves (Illdari Remnants) also made it off the planet by the skin of their teeth.

The interesting thing is, you have many of the units that were a part of my developing unit trees for those factions :shock: so I wanted to suggest that we merge the two ideas?

I know it's a lot to ask, but I assume if you have suffered through reading to this point that you have at least some interest in this idea. I am currently putting together a spread sheet with all the info I have so far on each of my factions (units, atacks, resistances, hp, xp etc.) and if you're interested, I can find a way to send it to you ...

Anyway, think about it, and if you want to know more about me, click the link below.


PastaSauce 8)
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