Multi-language forum registration support request

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Multi-language forum registration support request

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As it currently is, to play Wesnoth multiplayer one must now register on this forum, but regrettably despite the large number of languages that Wesnoth has been translated into it is now that the only language supported for forum registration is English. This means that despite the main page for the game and the game itself being playable in many different languages one must either understand English, have someone who can translate English with them, or rely on a service like google translate if they wish to register to play multiplayer. This means that for many who cannot speak English registration on this forum represents a hurdle that is too high, and this has likely kept many of these players from being able to play wesnoth multiplayer with their friends etc.

I personally have encountered this, as two or so years ago I wanted to introduce a friend to the game, and having not played multiplayer in a long time I had not realized that forum registration had become necessary. As such it was to my great surprise, and since my friend cannot speak English they were unwilling to register on an English only forum and we never did get to play the game together. I doubt that they are the only one who feels like that.

For all the effort that has gone in to making the game as accessible in many different languages, it seems very strange to me to gate multiplayer behind an English-only registration requirement and as such I would like to request the consideration of supporting multiple languages for the forum registration.
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