a new version of world conquest

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a new version of world conquest

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There are 2 new ideas and a change from WC II.

The first idea is to limit the recruitment/recall of one type of unit to avoid spamming units. Example, at scenario 1, the max is 2 units. So you play loyalists and you recruit 2 spearmen : A and B. You cannot recruit another spearman. During the game, you level up A to a swordman. You cannot recruit a spearman because there are still 2 spearmen. B is killed. You can now recruit spearman : just one (let’s say C). You finish scenario 1. At scenario 2, the max is 3. You recall A and C and you recruit D and that’s all for spearman. If you recruit by mistake 3 spearmen, you cannot recall A and C, unless 2 of these new spearmen died.
At scenario 3, max is 4. And so on. max is 7 units at scenario 5.

The second idea is that you pick 2 factions instead of one. No pairing units like WC II but your recruit list is from the 2 factions that you choose or get. Example, a 3p. Player1 picks loyalits and knalgan : he can recruit at turn one 2 dwarves fighters and 2 mages, but not anymore due to the recruit limit. Player2 picks undead and random, the random will be picked from the 6 other factions (dunefolks included). Player3 picks both random : he can get from the 7 factions but not the same faction.

The change from WC II is about the heroes. In WC, you get heroes by 3 ways : beginning hero, picking hero and bonus. In WC II, a faction has some heroes from some factions. Northeners (horde, gang and hand) get knalga beginning heroes and undead picking heroes.
In WC III, all heroes are random from the 5 others factions : if a player picks loyalists and knalga, his heroes are not from these 2 factions. With some limits :
- Neither fishes nor level 0 as beginning heroes. Like WC II.
- 10 picking heroes. No level 0 but fish possible. And if you get mage as beginning hero, mage will not be in the 10. And if you pick ghost, the ghost is not available in next scenarii.
- Bonus. Item or training or hero. If hero, from the 5 other factions minus begining and 10 picking heroes. You can get fish or level 0.
- In summary, you cannot get 2 heroes of same type, like 2 ghosts or 2 archers.

The commander is random from your 2 factions like in WC II. Remove the deserter.

The rest comes from WC II : items, trainings, levels (peasant to nightmare), 5 scenarii (6 for peasent level if i am not wrong), maps, etc.
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