2p - Isle of Mists [1.15/1.16]

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Re: 2p - Isle of Mists [1.15/1.16]

Post by anakayub »

It's that hard now?
The issue was me trying to play sleepy. The early part was okay, until the combo of Djin before dawn with the change in water level allowing him to strike first; I had positioned my units just out of reach the turn before. The issue with the Djin was more of the fact that the weather changed before his turn and not after; they're just Ulf fodder anyways.

With the second water level I was zoc'd from killing anyone, making the dune skirmisher a sacrificial lamb.
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Re: 2p - Isle of Mists [1.15/1.16]

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

The IoM has been updated for 1.15.13!
Final wave has been laxed in terms of the time given and normal waves have been split to 2 and have had their strengths halved.
Suffer! Enjoy!

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--> IoM:
    --> reduced difficulty of waves so that the scenario is at least passable and not impossible.

--> updated .pot file
--> added a note to specify that IoM is not beginner friendly.
--> Dark Forecast (both) version:
    --> removed movement cost modification code segment
--> Isle of Mists:
    --> Final wave duration 16 turns
    --> Final waves spawn 2-3 turns after one another
    --> regular waves split into 2.
    --> Slider adjusted to +/- 15 increments
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