TO: authors of MP scenarios in the 1.8 package

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Re: TO: authors of MP scenarios in the 1.8 package

Post by norbert »

Little update regarding "6p - Hexcake": I found a file "Hexcake 6" in, but the zip package is misleading since it also contains files he didn't originally make. (For example "Mercator (i gave the name, but mkgego did it)"(source) and "Charge, Blitz and Divide and Conquer (the original versions)"(source).)
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Re: TO: authors of MP scenarios in the 1.8 package

Post by Becephalus »

I am at work so I did not spend a ton of time ransacking my memory. But at first pass that list looks almost entirely accurate.

I think I was the one who redid Crusader's. At least I know I did redo it once, I just cannot remember if I ever submitted that revision, and DragonKing seems to feel it was changed quite a bit.

No idea who did first hexcake, but before I redid it it was fairly primitive. Definitely pre-1.0. I would guess olof or pg?
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