The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by jistanidiot »

It seems the shop with extra strikes in dwarf town is what causes the oos errors.
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by globnar »

If you're using an Iron Mauler, in the section where' you're telported to fight a one-on-one duel, and the iron mauler goes to the hills, he can't get out b/c he can't move onto a mountain.
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by zookeeper »

Some recent developments:

Code: Select all

	Version 2.8

	- Allow NPC units to pass the duel chambers after the players.
	- Changed Lord Hullon's portrait to not rely on TRoW.
	- Fixed some item images not getting removed from the map.
	- Fixed bat cave chests removing all items from the map.
	- Added right-click option for switching NPC's to another player.
	- Added right-click option for giving gold to another player even without Bob's RPG Era.

	Version 2.7

	- Updated for Wesnoth 1.12
	- Fixed a bug which caused an OOS at Appletok
I did the stuff in 2.8 based on things I noticed during my playthrough, but I actually didn't look at this thread first. Looks like there's a few things mentioned which need fixing.
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by joshudson »

Somebody told me that a Wose would not survive this, so I soloed it with a Wose. Behold.
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by Shiki »

The AI side could use disallow_observers=yes to not reveal the map to them. You can also use disallow_recall=yes(at scenario level) to show an alternative message if one tries that. That applies for basically all RPG style games.
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by TheChosenOne »

Hi Bob!

I am playing this today and noticed that changing stance removes poison. I don't suppose this is by design?

Please find a save at turn 97. Examples are at around turns 85-92.

There also seems to be an issue with the mind juice. I had 53 max xp, I drank two and it went down to 47, but it went back up to 53 for some reason.

On an unrelated note, it seems that I am also able to smite anyone (including allies). Is this working as intended?
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by Bob_The_Mighty »

Thanks for the ongoing bug reports! Changing your stance isn't meant to cure poison, it's a problem with [remove_object] that I keep trying and failing to fix. Your max xp increases whenever you level up, so unless it was that it might be a similar bug to the poison. Smite should have a limited range (and you can only smite a target once), but apart from that it's up you who you use it on. With great power...
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Re: The Labyrinth Of Champions - A Multiplayer RPG

Post by Atreides »

I'm currently about halfway through this. First time I've gotten past the first few rooms without losing someone and quitting in despair. Torlic is a delight for a Python fan to behold. Half expected him to rant about unladen swallows...

No bugs to report, so far it's running like a finely tuned 5.0l V-8.

One thing that would be nice to know in advance is that in order to switch a followers leader you can only do so before he moves. Only found out by accident that this was possible using a non RPG era. Torlic of course was best assigned to the Level 4 Gremlin Sorcerer who had leadership.

Some comments on specifics (spoilers possibly):
Anyways, it's difficult and nerve wracking (I don't permit myself to reload, ever) yet fun.
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