Freedom Respecting Software Gaming needs a Discourse Community.

Discuss the development of other free/open-source games, as well as other games in general.

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Freedom Respecting Software Gaming needs a Discourse Community.

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I've been thinking a lot lately about the tools we use to communicate with one another, and something really struck me as problem with our current situation. While minetest has a great forum culture, it doesn't really generalize to other freedom respecting software games with smaller communities, especially ones that have a hard time getting modders and developers. I believe what the freedom respecting software games community really needs is a Discourse forum. I know we have other forums and places to discuss free software games need their own specialized community, because existing communities aren't really cutting it. We either have forums for one specific game such as this one or we have forums that host topics on a bunch of different games such or We also have communities like reddit and more generalized communities, and of course irc, but what we really need is better communication across projects.

I firmly believe that if we had better communication across projects, we could do improve game development in many ways such as getting people full time jobs in free software game development.

I know there is a lot of resistance to the idea, such as what is wrong with the tools we have and our existing communities, however we need to pull together as a community to drastically improve the general state of gaming.

I know if the right person applied for a forum we could get one and fill out the community, but I need to know if there is enough interest in the idea. I don't mean to replace the Battle for Wesnoth community at all, just have a more general place to specifically discuss smaller projects in a organized and energetic fashion, such as creating new mods for popular FOSS games designed by the players. Discourse is even offering free hosting for qualifying communities. ... source-v2/

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