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timer.cpp File Reference
#include "gui/core/timer.hpp"
#include "events.hpp"
#include "gui/core/log.hpp"
#include <SDL2/SDL_timer.h>
#include <map>
#include <mutex>
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struct  gui2::timer
class  gui2::executor
 Helper to make removing a timer in a callback safe. More...


 Generic file dialog.


static std::map< std::size_t, timer > & gui2::get_timers ()
 The active timers. More...
static uint32_t gui2::timer_callback (uint32_t, void *id)
std::size_t gui2::add_timer (const uint32_t interval, const std::function< void(std::size_t id)> &callback, const bool repeat=false)
 Adds a new timer. More...
bool gui2::remove_timer (const std::size_t id)
 Removes a timer. More...
bool gui2::execute_timer (const std::size_t id)
 Executes a timer. More...


static std::size_t gui2::next_timer_id = 0
 Ids for the timers. More...
static std::size_t gui2::executing_id = 0
 The id of the event being executed, 0 if none. More...
std::mutex gui2::timers_mutex
static bool gui2::executing_id_removed = false
 Did somebody try to remove the timer during its execution? More...