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lua_State Struct Reference

#include <lstate.h>

Public Attributes

lu_byte status
lu_byte allowhook
unsigned short nci
StkId top
StkId stack_last
StkId stack
struct lua_Statetwups
struct lua_longjmperrorJmp
CallInfo base_ci
volatile lua_Hook hook
ptrdiff_t errfunc
l_uint32 nCcalls
int oldpc
int basehookcount
int hookcount
volatile l_signalT hookmask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file lstate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ allowhook

lu_byte lua_State::allowhook

Definition at line 276 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by GCTM(), lua_pcallk(), luaD_hook(), luaD_pcall(), preinit_thread(), and recover().

◆ base_ci

CallInfo lua_State::base_ci

Definition at line 287 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by freestack(), lua_getstack(), lua_resetthread(), lua_resume(), stack_init(), and unroll().

◆ basehookcount

int lua_State::basehookcount

Definition at line 292 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by lua_gethookcount(), lua_newthread(), lua_sethook(), and preinit_thread().

◆ ci

CallInfo* lua_State::ci

◆ CommonHeader


Definition at line 274 of file lstate.h.

◆ errfunc

ptrdiff_t lua_State::errfunc

◆ errorJmp

struct lua_longjmp* lua_State::errorJmp

Definition at line 286 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by luaD_rawrunprotected(), luaD_throw(), and preinit_thread().

◆ gclist

GCObject* lua_State::gclist

Definition at line 284 of file lstate.h.

◆ hook

volatile lua_Hook lua_State::hook

Definition at line 288 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by lua_gethook(), lua_newthread(), lua_sethook(), luaD_hook(), and preinit_thread().

◆ hookcount

int lua_State::hookcount

Definition at line 293 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by luaG_traceexec().

◆ hookmask

volatile l_signalT lua_State::hookmask

◆ l_G

global_State* lua_State::l_G

Definition at line 279 of file lstate.h.

◆ nCcalls

l_uint32 lua_State::nCcalls

◆ nci

unsigned short lua_State::nci

Definition at line 277 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by freestack(), luaE_extendCI(), luaE_freeCI(), luaE_shrinkCI(), and preinit_thread().

◆ oldpc

int lua_State::oldpc

Definition at line 291 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by luaG_traceexec(), luaV_execute(), preinit_thread(), and rethook().

◆ openupval

UpVal* lua_State::openupval

◆ stack

StkId lua_State::stack

◆ stack_last

StkId lua_State::stack_last

◆ status

lu_byte lua_State::status

◆ top

StkId lua_State::top

Definition at line 278 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by aux_rawset(), auxgetstr(), auxsetstr(), callclose(), callclosemth(), collectvalidlines(), correctstack(), dothecall(), finishrawget(), GCTM(), index2stack(), index2value(), loadStringN(), lua_absindex(), lua_arith(), lua_callk(), lua_checkstack(), lua_concat(), lua_createtable(), lua_dump(), lua_error(), lua_geti(), lua_getinfo(), lua_getiuservalue(), lua_getlocal(), lua_getmetatable(), lua_gettable(), lua_gettop(), lua_getupvalue(), lua_len(), lua_load(), lua_newthread(), lua_newuserdatauv(), lua_next(), lua_pcallk(), lua_pushboolean(), lua_pushcclosure(), lua_pushinteger(), lua_pushlightuserdata(), lua_pushlstring(), lua_pushnil(), lua_pushnumber(), lua_pushstring(), lua_pushthread(), lua_pushvalue(), lua_rawget(), lua_rawset(), lua_rawseti(), lua_resetthread(), lua_resume(), lua_rotate(), lua_seti(), lua_setiuservalue(), lua_setlocal(), lua_setmetatable(), lua_settable(), lua_settop(), lua_setupvalue(), lua_stringtonumber(), lua_xmove(), luaD_growstack(), luaD_hook(), luaD_hookcall(), luaD_inctop(), luaD_poscall(), luaD_precall(), luaD_pretailcall(), luaD_protectedparser(), luaD_seterrorobj(), luaD_throw(), luaD_tryfuncTM(), luaE_warnerror(), luaF_close(), luaG_errormsg(), luaG_findlocal(), luaG_traceexec(), luaO_pushvfstring(), luaT_adjustvarargs(), luaT_callorderTM(), luaT_callTM(), luaT_callTMres(), luaT_getvarargs(), luaT_tryconcatTM(), luaU_undump(), luaV_concat(), luaV_equalobj(), luaV_execute(), luaV_finishOp(), luaX_newstring(), luaY_parser(), moveresults(), prepclosingmethod(), pushstr(), resume(), resume_error(), rethook(), stack_init(), stackinuse(), and traversethread().

◆ twups

struct lua_State* lua_State::twups

Definition at line 285 of file lstate.h.

Referenced by newupval(), preinit_thread(), remarkupvals(), and traversethread().

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