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frame_parameters Struct Reference

All parameters from a frame at a given instant. More...

#include <frame.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 frame_parameters ()

Public Attributes

int duration
image::locator image
image::locator image_diagonal
std::string image_mod
std::string halo
int halo_x
int halo_y
std::string halo_mod
std::string sound
std::string text
std::optional< color_ttext_color
std::optional< color_tblend_with
double blend_ratio
double highlight_ratio
double offset
double submerge
int x
int y
int directional_x
int directional_y
boost::tribool auto_vflip
boost::tribool auto_hflip
boost::tribool primary_frame
int drawing_layer

Detailed Description

All parameters from a frame at a given instant.

Definition at line 35 of file frame.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ frame_parameters()

frame_parameters::frame_parameters ( )

Definition at line 27 of file frame.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ auto_hflip

boost::tribool frame_parameters::auto_hflip

◆ auto_vflip

boost::tribool frame_parameters::auto_vflip

◆ blend_ratio

double frame_parameters::blend_ratio

◆ blend_with

std::optional<color_t> frame_parameters::blend_with

◆ directional_x

int frame_parameters::directional_x

◆ directional_y

int frame_parameters::directional_y

◆ drawing_layer

int frame_parameters::drawing_layer

◆ duration

int frame_parameters::duration

Definition at line 39 of file frame.hpp.

Referenced by unit_frame::merge_parameters(), and frame_parsed_parameters::parameters().

◆ halo

std::string frame_parameters::halo

◆ halo_mod

std::string frame_parameters::halo_mod

◆ halo_x

int frame_parameters::halo_x

◆ halo_y

int frame_parameters::halo_y

◆ highlight_ratio

double frame_parameters::highlight_ratio

◆ image

image::locator frame_parameters::image

◆ image_diagonal

image::locator frame_parameters::image_diagonal

◆ image_mod

std::string frame_parameters::image_mod

◆ offset

double frame_parameters::offset

◆ primary_frame

boost::tribool frame_parameters::primary_frame

◆ sound

std::string frame_parameters::sound

◆ submerge

double frame_parameters::submerge

◆ text

std::string frame_parameters::text

◆ text_color

std::optional<color_t> frame_parameters::text_color

◆ x

int frame_parameters::x

◆ y

int frame_parameters::y

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