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sound.hpp File Reference
#include "events.hpp"
#include "sound_music_track.hpp"
#include <optional>
#include <string>
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struct  sound::driver_status
class  sound::music_thinker
class  sound::music_muter


 Audio output for sound and music.


#define DISTANCE_SILENT   255


enum  sound::channel_group {
  sound::NULL_CHANNEL = -1 , sound::SOUND_SOURCES = 0 , sound::SOUND_BELL , sound::SOUND_TIMER ,
  sound::SOUND_UI , sound::SOUND_FX


std::string sound::current_driver ()
std::vector< std::string > sound::enumerate_drivers ()
bool sound::init_sound ()
void sound::close_sound ()
void sound::reset_sound ()
void sound::stop_music ()
void sound::stop_sound ()
void sound::stop_UI_sound ()
void sound::stop_bell ()
void sound::play_music_config (const config &music_node, bool allow_interrupt_current_track, int i)
void sound::commit_music_changes ()
void sound::play_music_repeatedly (const std::string &id)
void sound::play_music_once (const std::string &file)
void sound::empty_playlist ()
void sound::play_music ()
void sound::reposition_sound (int id, unsigned int distance)
bool sound::is_sound_playing (int id)
void sound::stop_sound (int id)
void sound::play_sound (const std::string &files, channel_group group, unsigned int repeats)
void sound::play_sound_positioned (const std::string &files, int id, int repeats, unsigned int distance)
void sound::play_bell (const std::string &files)
void sound::play_timer (const std::string &files, int loop_ticks, int fadein_ticks)
void sound::play_UI_sound (const std::string &files)
void sound::write_music_play_list (config &snapshot)
int sound::get_music_volume ()
int sound::get_sound_volume ()
void sound::set_music_volume (int vol)
void sound::set_sound_volume (int vol)
void sound::set_bell_volume (int vol)
void sound::set_UI_volume (int vol)
std::optional< unsigned int > sound::get_current_track_index ()
std::shared_ptr< music_track > sound::get_current_track ()
std::shared_ptr< music_track > sound::get_previous_music_track ()
void sound::set_previous_track (std::shared_ptr< music_track > track)
unsigned int sound::get_num_tracks ()
void sound::remove_track (unsigned int i)
void sound::play_track (unsigned int i)
void sound::flush_cache ()

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#define DISTANCE_SILENT   255

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