The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.1+dev
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desktop::notifications Namespace Reference


enum  type { CHAT , TURN_CHANGED , OTHER }


bool available ()
 Returns whether we were compiled with support for desktop notifications. More...
void send (const std::string &owner, const std::string &message, type t)
 Displays a desktop notification message, from owner, of type t. More...

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Definition at line 24 of file notifications.hpp.

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◆ available()

bool desktop::notifications::available ( )

◆ send()

void desktop::notifications::send ( const std::string &  owner,
const std::string &  message,
type  t 

Displays a desktop notification message, from owner, of type t.

If it is an appropriate time to send a desktop notification (i.e. the window does not have focus and the feature is not disabled by the preferences), and wesnoth was compiled with support for this feature, a notification will be issued. If there is no support for notifications, this fcn is a no-op.

Currently we have support for dbus (linux), windows tray notifications, and NSUserNotification (Apple). To enable one of these, the corresponding compilation unit dbus_notification.cpp, apple_notification.cpp, windows_tray_notification.cpp, must be compiled, and the corresponding C++ symbol HAVE_LIBDBUS, WIN32 must be defined for that compilation unit _and for this one.

Definition at line 42 of file notifications.cpp.

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