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lauxlib.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "lua.h"
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struct  luaL_Reg
struct  luaL_Buffer
struct  luaL_Stream


#define LUA_GNAME   "_G"
#define LUAL_NUMSIZES   (sizeof(lua_Integer)*16 + sizeof(lua_Number))
#define luaL_checkversion(L)   luaL_checkversion_(L, LUA_VERSION_NUM, LUAL_NUMSIZES)
#define LUA_NOREF   (-2)
#define LUA_REFNIL   (-1)
#define luaL_loadfile(L, f)   luaL_loadfilex(L,f,NULL)
#define luaL_newlibtable(L, l)   lua_createtable(L, 0, sizeof(l)/sizeof((l)[0]) - 1)
#define luaL_newlib(L, l)   (luaL_checkversion(L), luaL_newlibtable(L,l), luaL_setfuncs(L,l,0))
#define luaL_argcheck(L, cond, arg, extramsg)   ((void)((cond) || luaL_argerror(L, (arg), (extramsg))))
#define luaL_argexpected(L, cond, arg, tname)   ((void)((cond) || luaL_typeerror(L, (arg), (tname))))
#define luaL_checkstring(L, n)   (luaL_checklstring(L, (n), NULL))
#define luaL_optstring(L, n, d)   (luaL_optlstring(L, (n), (d), NULL))
#define luaL_typename(L, i)   lua_typename(L, lua_type(L,(i)))
#define luaL_dofile(L, fn)   (luaL_loadfile(L, fn) || lua_pcall(L, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0))
#define luaL_dostring(L, s)   (luaL_loadstring(L, s) || lua_pcall(L, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0))
#define luaL_getmetatable(L, n)   (lua_getfield(L, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, (n)))
#define luaL_opt(L, f, n, d)   (lua_isnoneornil(L,(n)) ? (d) : f(L,(n)))
#define luaL_loadbuffer(L, s, sz, n)   luaL_loadbufferx(L,s,sz,n,NULL)
#define luaL_pushfail(L)   lua_pushnil(L)
#define luaL_bufflen(bf)   ((bf)->n)
#define luaL_buffaddr(bf)   ((bf)->b)
#define luaL_addchar(B, c)
#define luaL_addsize(B, s)   ((B)->n += (s))
#define luaL_buffsub(B, s)   ((B)->n -= (s))
#define luaL_prepbuffer(B)   luaL_prepbuffsize(B, LUAL_BUFFERSIZE)
#define lua_writestring(s, l)   fwrite((s), sizeof(char), (l), stdout)
#define lua_writeline()   (lua_writestring("\n", 1), fflush(stdout))
#define lua_writestringerror(s, p)   (fprintf(stderr, (s), (p)), fflush(stderr))


typedef struct luaL_Buffer luaL_Buffer
typedef struct luaL_Reg luaL_Reg
typedef struct luaL_Stream luaL_Stream


LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkversion_ (lua_State *L, lua_Number ver, size_t sz)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_getmetafield (lua_State *L, int obj, const char *e)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_callmeta (lua_State *L, int obj, const char *e)
LUALIB_API const char *() luaL_tolstring (lua_State *L, int idx, size_t *len)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_argerror (lua_State *L, int arg, const char *extramsg)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_typeerror (lua_State *L, int arg, const char *tname)
LUALIB_API const char *() luaL_checklstring (lua_State *L, int arg, size_t *l)
LUALIB_API const char *() luaL_optlstring (lua_State *L, int arg, const char *def, size_t *l)
LUALIB_API lua_Number() luaL_checknumber (lua_State *L, int arg)
LUALIB_API lua_Number() luaL_optnumber (lua_State *L, int arg, lua_Number def)
LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_checkinteger (lua_State *L, int arg)
LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_optinteger (lua_State *L, int arg, lua_Integer def)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkstack (lua_State *L, int sz, const char *msg)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_checktype (lua_State *L, int arg, int t)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkany (lua_State *L, int arg)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_newmetatable (lua_State *L, const char *tname)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_setmetatable (lua_State *L, const char *tname)
LUALIB_API void *() luaL_testudata (lua_State *L, int ud, const char *tname)
LUALIB_API void *() luaL_checkudata (lua_State *L, int ud, const char *tname)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_where (lua_State *L, int lvl)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_error (lua_State *L, const char *fmt,...)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_checkoption (lua_State *L, int arg, const char *def, const char *const lst[])
LUALIB_API int() luaL_fileresult (lua_State *L, int stat, const char *fname)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_execresult (lua_State *L, int stat)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_ref (lua_State *L, int t)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_unref (lua_State *L, int t, int ref)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadfilex (lua_State *L, const char *filename, const char *mode)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadbufferx (lua_State *L, const char *buff, size_t sz, const char *name, const char *mode)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadstring (lua_State *L, const char *s)
LUALIB_API lua_State *() luaL_newstate (void)
LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_len (lua_State *L, int idx)
LUALIB_API void luaL_addgsub (luaL_Buffer *b, const char *s, const char *p, const char *r)
LUALIB_API const char *() luaL_gsub (lua_State *L, const char *s, const char *p, const char *r)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_setfuncs (lua_State *L, const luaL_Reg *l, int nup)
LUALIB_API int() luaL_getsubtable (lua_State *L, int idx, const char *fname)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_traceback (lua_State *L, lua_State *L1, const char *msg, int level)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_requiref (lua_State *L, const char *modname, lua_CFunction openf, int glb)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_buffinit (lua_State *L, luaL_Buffer *B)
LUALIB_API char *() luaL_prepbuffsize (luaL_Buffer *B, size_t sz)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_addlstring (luaL_Buffer *B, const char *s, size_t l)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_addstring (luaL_Buffer *B, const char *s)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_addvalue (luaL_Buffer *B)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_pushresult (luaL_Buffer *B)
LUALIB_API void() luaL_pushresultsize (luaL_Buffer *B, size_t sz)
LUALIB_API char *() luaL_buffinitsize (lua_State *L, luaL_Buffer *B, size_t sz)

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Definition at line 26 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by errfile().



Definition at line 217 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by createmeta(), io_type(), and newprefile().


#define LUA_GNAME   "_G"

Definition at line 19 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaopen_base(), and pushglobalfuncname().



Definition at line 30 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by ll_require(), luaL_requiref(), luaopen_package(), and pushglobalfuncname().


#define LUA_NOREF   (-2)

Definition at line 85 of file lauxlib.h.



Definition at line 34 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaopen_package(), and searcher_preload().


#define LUA_REFNIL   (-1)

Definition at line 86 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by ai::unit_advancements_aspect::get_advancements(), and luaL_ref().

◆ lua_writeline

#define lua_writeline ( )    (lua_writestring("\n", 1), fflush(stdout))

Definition at line 240 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaB_print().

◆ lua_writestring

#define lua_writestring (   s,
)    fwrite((s), sizeof(char), (l), stdout)

Definition at line 235 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaB_print().

◆ lua_writestringerror

#define lua_writestringerror (   s,
)    (fprintf(stderr, (s), (p)), fflush(stderr))

Definition at line 245 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by db_debug(), panic(), warnfcont(), and warnfon().

◆ luaL_addchar

#define luaL_addchar (   B,
((void)((B)->n < (B)->size || luaL_prepbuffsize((B), 1)), \
((B)->b[(B)->n++] = (c)))
#define b
std::size_t size(const std::string &str)
Length in characters of a UTF-8 string.
Definition: unicode.cpp:87
LUALIB_API char *() luaL_prepbuffsize(luaL_Buffer *B, size_t sz)
Definition: lauxlib.cpp:565
mock_char c

Definition at line 182 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by add_s(), addquoted(), luaL_traceback(), os_date(), read_line(), searchpath(), setpath(), str_format(), str_gsub(), and str_pack().

◆ luaL_addsize

#define luaL_addsize (   B,
)    ((B)->n += (s))

◆ luaL_argcheck

#define luaL_argcheck (   L,
)    ((void)((cond) || luaL_argerror(L, (arg), (extramsg))))

◆ luaL_argexpected

#define luaL_argexpected (   L,
)    ((void)((cond) || luaL_typeerror(L, (arg), (tname))))

◆ luaL_buffaddr

#define luaL_buffaddr (   bf)    ((bf)->b)

Definition at line 179 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by searchpath().

◆ luaL_bufflen

#define luaL_bufflen (   bf)    ((bf)->n)

Definition at line 178 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by searchpath().

◆ luaL_buffsub

#define luaL_buffsub (   B,
)    ((B)->n -= (s))

Definition at line 188 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by findloader().

◆ luaL_checkstring

#define luaL_checkstring (   L,
)    (luaL_checklstring(L, (n), NULL))

Definition at line 138 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by ai::ai_recall(), ai::ai_recruit(), db_sethook(), find_widget_impl(), g_read(), lua_kernel_base::get_attribute_names(), impl_add_animation(), ai::impl_ai_aspect_get(), impl_audio_get(), impl_audio_set(), impl_color_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_current_get(), impl_end_level_data_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_end_level_data_set(), game_lua_kernel::impl_game_config_get(), lua_kernel_base::impl_game_config_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_game_config_set(), lua_kernel_base::impl_game_config_set(), impl_get_color(), game_lua_kernel::impl_get_terrain_info(), lua_common::impl_gettext(), impl_merge_terrain(), impl_mp_settings_get(), impl_music_get(), impl_music_set(), impl_preferences_get(), impl_preferences_set(), impl_race_get(), impl_replace_if_failed_tostring(), lua_rng::impl_rng_seed(), game_lua_kernel::impl_scenario_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_scenario_set(), game_lua_kernel::impl_schedule_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_schedule_set(), impl_side_get(), impl_slocs_get(), impl_slocs_next(), impl_slocs_set(), impl_sndsrc_get(), impl_sndsrc_set(), impl_source_get(), impl_source_set(), impl_terrainfilter_set(), impl_terrainmap_get(), impl_terrainmap_set(), game_lua_kernel::impl_theme_items_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_theme_items_set(), impl_track_get(), impl_track_set(), impl_unit_attack_get(), impl_unit_attack_set(), impl_unit_attacks_get(), impl_unit_attacks_set(), impl_unit_status_get(), impl_unit_status_set(), impl_unit_type_get(), impl_unit_type_lookup(), impl_unit_type_next(), impl_unit_variables_get(), impl_unit_variables_set(), lua_common::impl_vconfig_get(), impl_version_get(), impl_warn(), intf_add_item_of_type(), intf_add_known_unit(), intf_add_modification(), game_lua_kernel::intf_add_time_area(), lua_gui2::intf_add_widget_definition(), lua_fileops::intf_canonical_path(), game_lua_kernel::intf_clear_menu_item(), intf_deprecated_message(), lua_kernel_base::intf_dofile(), lua_formula_bridge::intf_eval_formula(), game_lua_kernel::intf_fire_event(), game_lua_kernel::intf_fire_wml_menu_item(), game_lua_kernel::intf_float_label(), lua_map_location::intf_get_direction(), intf_get_era(), intf_get_image_size(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_label(), intf_get_resource(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_time_area(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_unit(), mapgen_lua_kernel::intf_get_variable(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_variable(), intf_have_asset(), lua_fileops::intf_have_file(), intf_invoke_synced_command(), intf_load(), lua_wml::intf_load_wml(), game_lua_kernel::intf_log(), intf_log(), game_lua_kernel::intf_log_replay(), intf_modify_ai(), intf_music_add(), intf_music_play(), intf_name_generator(), lua_stringx::intf_parse_range(), intf_parse_shroud_bitmap(), lua_wml::intf_parse_wml(), game_lua_kernel::intf_play_sound(), lua_fileops::intf_read_file(), game_lua_kernel::intf_remove_event(), game_lua_kernel::intf_remove_time_area(), intf_replace_if_failed(), lua_kernel_base::intf_require(), intf_resolve_asset(), game_lua_kernel::intf_set_menu_item(), game_lua_kernel::intf_set_variable(), lua_stringx::intf_str_join(), lua_stringx::intf_str_join_map(), lua_stringx::intf_str_map_split(), lua_stringx::intf_str_paren_split(), lua_stringx::intf_str_split(), lua_stringx::intf_str_trim(), intf_switch_ai(), intf_terrain_mask(), intf_terrainmap_create(), intf_transform_unit(), game_lua_kernel::intf_unit_ability(), intf_unit_defense(), intf_unit_jamming_cost(), intf_unit_movement_cost(), intf_unit_resistance(), intf_unit_vision_cost(), lua_wml::intf_wml_merge(), io_lines(), io_open(), io_popen(), iter_codes(), ll_loadlib(), ll_require(), ll_searchpath(), lua_fileops::load_file(), lua_check_impl::lua_check(), luaB_warn(), luaL_checkoption(), os_getenv(), os_remove(), os_rename(), searcher_C(), searcher_Croot(), searcher_Lua(), searcher_preload(), lua_gui2::show_help(), lua_gui2::show_popup_dialog(), str_pack(), str_packsize(), and str_unpack().

◆ luaL_checkversion

#define luaL_checkversion (   L)    luaL_checkversion_(L, LUA_VERSION_NUM, LUAL_NUMSIZES)

Definition at line 46 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by lua_cpp::set_functions().

◆ luaL_dofile

#define luaL_dofile (   L,
)    (luaL_loadfile(L, fn) || lua_pcall(L, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0))

Definition at line 143 of file lauxlib.h.

◆ luaL_dostring

#define luaL_dostring (   L,
)    (luaL_loadstring(L, s) || lua_pcall(L, 0, LUA_MULTRET, 0))

Definition at line 146 of file lauxlib.h.

◆ luaL_getmetatable

#define luaL_getmetatable (   L,
)    (lua_getfield(L, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, (n)))

◆ luaL_loadbuffer

#define luaL_loadbuffer (   L,
)    luaL_loadbufferx(L,s,sz,n,NULL)

Definition at line 153 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by db_debug(), and luaL_loadstring().

◆ luaL_loadfile

#define luaL_loadfile (   L,
)    luaL_loadfilex(L,f,NULL)

Definition at line 94 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaB_dofile(), and searcher_Lua().

◆ luaL_newlib

#define luaL_newlib (   L,
)    (luaL_checkversion(L), luaL_newlibtable(L,l), luaL_setfuncs(L,l,0))

◆ luaL_newlibtable

#define luaL_newlibtable (   L,
)    lua_createtable(L, 0, sizeof(l)/sizeof((l)[0]) - 1)

Definition at line 126 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by createmeta(), and createmetatable().


#define LUAL_NUMSIZES   (sizeof(lua_Integer)*16 + sizeof(lua_Number))

Definition at line 43 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by luaL_checkversion_().

◆ luaL_opt

#define luaL_opt (   L,
)    (lua_isnoneornil(L,(n)) ? (d) : f(L,(n)))

◆ luaL_optstring

#define luaL_optstring (   L,
)    (luaL_optlstring(L, (n), (d), NULL))

◆ luaL_prepbuffer

#define luaL_prepbuffer (   B)    luaL_prepbuffsize(B, LUAL_BUFFERSIZE)

Definition at line 199 of file lauxlib.h.

Referenced by read_all(), and read_line().

◆ luaL_pushfail

#define luaL_pushfail (   L)    lua_pushnil(L)

◆ luaL_typename

#define luaL_typename (   L,
)    lua_typename(L, lua_type(L,(i)))

Typedef Documentation

◆ luaL_Buffer

typedef struct luaL_Buffer luaL_Buffer

Definition at line 22 of file lauxlib.h.

◆ luaL_Reg

typedef struct luaL_Reg luaL_Reg

◆ luaL_Stream

typedef struct luaL_Stream luaL_Stream

Function Documentation

◆ luaL_addgsub()

LUALIB_API void luaL_addgsub ( luaL_Buffer b,
const char *  s,
const char *  p,
const char *  r 

Definition at line 965 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References luaL_addlstring(), and luaL_addstring().

Referenced by luaL_gsub(), pusherrornotfound(), and searchpath().

◆ luaL_addlstring()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_addlstring ( luaL_Buffer B,
const char *  s,
size_t  l 

◆ luaL_addstring()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_addstring ( luaL_Buffer B,
const char *  s 

◆ luaL_addvalue()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_addvalue ( luaL_Buffer B)

◆ luaL_argerror()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_argerror ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
const char *  extramsg 

Definition at line 175 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References lua_getinfo(), lua_getstack(), lua_tostring, luaL_error(), lua_Debug::name, lua_Debug::namewhat, and pushglobalfuncname().

Referenced by addliteral(), ai::cfun_ai_get_suitable_keep(), checkoption(), db_getinfo(), db_getlocal(), db_setlocal(), g_read(), getdetails(), impl_add_animation(), impl_audio_set(), impl_color_set(), impl_context_accessor(), lua_kernel_base::impl_game_config_set(), impl_music_set(), game_lua_kernel::impl_schedule_get(), game_lua_kernel::impl_schedule_set(), impl_terrainfilter_set(), impl_terrainmap_set(), impl_unit_attack_get(), impl_unit_attack_match(), impl_unit_attack_set(), impl_unit_attacks_get(), impl_unit_attacks_len(), impl_unit_attacks_set(), impl_unit_set(), impl_unit_status_get(), impl_unit_status_set(), impl_unit_variables_get(), impl_unit_variables_set(), lua_widget::impl_widget_get(), lua_widget::impl_widget_set(), interror(), intf_add_dialog_item(), intf_add_item_of_type(), intf_add_known_unit(), intf_add_modification(), lua_gui2::intf_add_widget_definition(), lua_fileops::intf_canonical_path(), intf_dialog_close(), game_lua_kernel::intf_end_turn(), game_lua_kernel::intf_erase_unit(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_cost_map(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_path(), intf_find_path(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_reach(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_vision_range(), lua_map_location::intf_get_adjacent_tiles(), lua_map_location::intf_get_direction(), lua_map_location::intf_get_in_basis_N_NE(), intf_get_resource(), lua_map_location::intf_get_tiles_in_radius(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_time_of_day(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_unit(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_units(), game_lua_kernel::intf_highlight_hex(), intf_invoke_synced_command(), intf_load(), lua_wml::intf_load_wml(), game_lua_kernel::intf_log_replay(), game_lua_kernel::intf_match_unit(), intf_music_add(), intf_name_generator(), game_lua_kernel::intf_put_recall_unit(), game_lua_kernel::intf_put_unit(), lua_mathx::intf_random(), intf_random(), lua_fileops::intf_read_file(), intf_remove_dialog_item(), intf_replace_if_failed(), lua_kernel_base::intf_require(), game_lua_kernel::intf_select_unit(), intf_set_dialog_callback(), intf_set_dialog_canvas(), game_lua_kernel::intf_set_variable(), game_lua_kernel::intf_simulate_combat(), intf_synchronize_choice(), intf_synchronize_choices(), intf_terrain_mask(), intf_terrainfilter_create(), game_lua_kernel::intf_toggle_shroud(), intf_transform_unit(), lua_map_location::intf_vector_negation(), lua_wml::intf_wml_merge(), load_fake_units(), lua_fileops::load_file(), lua_check_impl::lua_check(), luaL_checkany(), luaL_checkoption(), luaL_typeerror(), luaW_checkrace(), luaW_checkweapon(), luaW_checkwidget(), luaW_checkwidget_ptr(), luaW_table_get_def(), luaW_table_set(), luaW_type_error(), read_rules_vector(), lua_gui2::show_message_dialog(), str_format(), unit_show_error(), and WIDGET_SETTER().

◆ luaL_buffinit()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_buffinit ( lua_State L,
luaL_Buffer B 

◆ luaL_buffinitsize()

LUALIB_API char*() luaL_buffinitsize ( lua_State L,
luaL_Buffer B,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 628 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References luaL_buffinit(), and prepbuffsize().

Referenced by str_char(), str_lower(), str_rep(), str_reverse(), and str_upper().

◆ luaL_callmeta()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_callmeta ( lua_State L,
int  obj,
const char *  e 

Definition at line 839 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References lua_absindex(), lua_call, lua_pushvalue(), LUA_TNIL, and luaL_getmetafield().

Referenced by luaL_tolstring().

◆ luaL_checkany()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkany ( lua_State L,
int  arg 

◆ luaL_checkinteger()

LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_checkinteger ( lua_State L,
int  arg 

Definition at line 442 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References d, interror(), and lua_tointegerx().

Referenced by auxupvalue(), byteoffset(), checkupval(), db_getinfo(), db_getlocal(), db_setcstacklimit(), db_setlocal(), g_read(), lua_common::impl_gettext(), impl_merge_terrain(), impl_mp_settings_get(), impl_replace_if_failed_tostring(), lua_stringx::impl_str_index(), impl_unit_attacks_get(), impl_unit_attacks_next(), impl_unit_attacks_set(), lua_common::impl_vconfig_ipairs_iter(), lua_widget::impl_widget_get(), intf_add_item_of_type(), intf_append_ai(), game_lua_kernel::intf_color_adjust(), intf_debug_ai(), intf_default_generate(), intf_default_generate_height_map(), intf_delay(), game_lua_kernel::intf_delay(), intf_deprecated_message(), game_lua_kernel::intf_end_turn(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_cost_map(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_path(), intf_find_path(), game_lua_kernel::intf_find_reach(), lua_map_location::intf_get_direction(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_label(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_side(), lua_map_location::intf_get_tiles_in_radius(), game_lua_kernel::intf_get_time_of_day(), game_lua_kernel::intf_is_enemy(), intf_make_version(), game_lua_kernel::intf_match_side(), intf_mg_get_tiles_radius(), intf_modify_ai(), intf_music_remove(), intf_named_tuple(), intf_remove_dialog_item(), lua_map_location::intf_rotate_right_around_center(), game_lua_kernel::intf_scroll(), intf_set_dialog_canvas(), game_lua_kernel::intf_set_side_id(), game_lua_kernel::intf_set_village_owner(), intf_switch_ai(), ipairsaux(), lua_check_impl::lua_check(), luaB_select(), luaB_tonumber(), luaL_optinteger(), luaW_check_locationset(), luaW_check_schedule(), math_random(), math_randomseed(), math_ult(), pushutfchar(), setrandfunc(), str_char(), str_format(), str_pack(), str_rep(), str_sub(), tinsert(), tmove(), and tunpack().

◆ luaL_checklstring()

LUALIB_API const char*() luaL_checklstring ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
size_t *  l 

◆ luaL_checknumber()

LUALIB_API lua_Number() luaL_checknumber ( lua_State L,
int  arg 

◆ luaL_checkoption()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_checkoption ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
const char *  def,
const char *const  lst[] 

◆ luaL_checkstack()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkstack ( lua_State L,
int  sz,
const char *  msg 

◆ luaL_checktype()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_checktype ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
int  t 

◆ luaL_checkudata()

LUALIB_API void*() luaL_checkudata ( lua_State L,
int  ud,
const char *  tname 

◆ luaL_checkversion_()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_checkversion_ ( lua_State L,
lua_Number  ver,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 1075 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References lua_version(), LUAI_UACNUMBER, luaL_error(), and LUAL_NUMSIZES.

◆ luaL_error()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_error ( lua_State L,
const char *  fmt,

◆ luaL_execresult()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_execresult ( lua_State L,
int  stat 

◆ luaL_fileresult()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_fileresult ( lua_State L,
int  stat,
const char *  fname 

◆ luaL_getmetafield()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_getmetafield ( lua_State L,
int  obj,
const char *  e 

◆ luaL_getsubtable()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_getsubtable ( lua_State L,
int  idx,
const char *  fname 

◆ luaL_gsub()

LUALIB_API const char*() luaL_gsub ( lua_State L,
const char *  s,
const char *  p,
const char *  r 

Definition at line 978 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References b, lua_tostring, luaL_addgsub(), luaL_buffinit(), and luaL_pushresult().

Referenced by loadfunc(), and searchpath().

◆ luaL_len()

LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_len ( lua_State L,
int  idx 

Definition at line 849 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References lua_len(), lua_pop, lua_tointegerx(), and luaL_error().

Referenced by addtoclib(), gctm(), lua_stringx::intf_str_join(), and tunpack().

◆ luaL_loadbufferx()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadbufferx ( lua_State L,
const char *  buff,
size_t  sz,
const char *  name,
const char *  mode 

◆ luaL_loadfilex()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadfilex ( lua_State L,
const char *  filename,
const char *  mode 

◆ luaL_loadstring()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_loadstring ( lua_State L,
const char *  s 

◆ luaL_newmetatable()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_newmetatable ( lua_State L,
const char *  tname 

◆ luaL_newstate()

LUALIB_API lua_State*() luaL_newstate ( void  )

Definition at line 1065 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References l_alloc(), lua_atpanic(), lua_newstate(), lua_setwarnf(), panic(), and warnfoff().

◆ luaL_optinteger()

LUALIB_API lua_Integer() luaL_optinteger ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
lua_Integer  def 

◆ luaL_optlstring()

LUALIB_API const char*() luaL_optlstring ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
const char *  def,
size_t *  l 

Definition at line 409 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References lua_isnoneornil, and luaL_checklstring().

Referenced by game_lua_kernel::intf_set_side_id(), os_date(), str_rep(), and tconcat().

◆ luaL_optnumber()

LUALIB_API lua_Number() luaL_optnumber ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
lua_Number  def 

Definition at line 429 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References luaL_checknumber(), and luaL_opt.

Referenced by math_atan().

◆ luaL_prepbuffsize()

LUALIB_API char*() luaL_prepbuffsize ( luaL_Buffer B,
size_t  sz 

◆ luaL_pushresult()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_pushresult ( luaL_Buffer B)

◆ luaL_pushresultsize()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_pushresultsize ( luaL_Buffer B,
size_t  sz 

Definition at line 594 of file lauxlib.cpp.

References luaL_addsize, and luaL_pushresult().

Referenced by str_char(), str_lower(), str_rep(), str_reverse(), and str_upper().

◆ luaL_ref()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_ref ( lua_State L,
int  t 

◆ luaL_requiref()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_requiref ( lua_State L,
const char *  modname,
lua_CFunction  openf,
int  glb 

◆ luaL_setfuncs()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_setfuncs ( lua_State L,
const luaL_Reg l,
int  nup 

◆ luaL_setmetatable()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_setmetatable ( lua_State L,
const char *  tname 

◆ luaL_testudata()

LUALIB_API void*() luaL_testudata ( lua_State L,
int  ud,
const char *  tname 

◆ luaL_tolstring()

LUALIB_API const char*() luaL_tolstring ( lua_State L,
int  idx,
size_t *  len 

◆ luaL_traceback()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_traceback ( lua_State L,
lua_State L1,
const char *  msg,
int  level 

◆ luaL_typeerror()

LUALIB_API int() luaL_typeerror ( lua_State L,
int  arg,
const char *  tname 

◆ luaL_unref()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_unref ( lua_State L,
int  t,
int  ref 

◆ luaL_where()

LUALIB_API void() luaL_where ( lua_State L,
int  lvl