The Battle for Wesnoth  1.19.1+dev
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draw_manager.hpp File Reference
#include "sdl/rect.hpp"
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 Generic file dialog.
 A global draw management interface.


void draw_manager::invalidate_region (const rect &region)
 Mark a region of the screen as requiring redraw. More...
void draw_manager::invalidate_all ()
 Mark the entire screen as requiring redraw. More...
void draw_manager::request_extra_render_pass ()
 Request an extra render pass. More...
void draw_manager::sparkle ()
 Ensure that everything which needs to be drawn is drawn. More...
int draw_manager::get_frame_length ()
 Returns the length of one display frame, in milliseconds. More...
void draw_manager::register_drawable (gui2::top_level_drawable *tld)
 Register a top-level drawable. More...
void draw_manager::deregister_drawable (gui2::top_level_drawable *tld)
 Remove a top-level drawable from the drawing stack. More...
void draw_manager::raise_drawable (gui2::top_level_drawable *tld)
 Raise a TLD to the top of the drawing stack. More...