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editor::editor_action_resize_map Class Reference

Resize the map. More...

#include <action.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for editor::editor_action_resize_map:

Public Member Functions

 editor_action_resize_map (int x_size, int y_size, int x_offset, int y_offset, const t_translation::terrain_code &fill=t_translation::NONE_TERRAIN)
std::unique_ptr< editor_actionclone () const override
 Action cloning. More...
void perform_without_undo (map_context &mc) const override
 Perform the action without creating an undo action. More...
const std::string & get_name () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from editor::editor_action
 editor_action ()
virtual ~editor_action ()
virtual std::unique_ptr< editor_actionperform (map_context &) const
 Perform the action, returning an undo action that, when performed, shall reverse any effects of this action. More...
virtual int action_count () const
virtual std::string get_description () const
 A textual description of the action. More...
int get_id () const
 Debugging aid. More...

Protected Attributes

int x_size_
int y_size_
int x_offset_
int y_offset_
t_translation::terrain_code fill_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from editor::editor_action
static int get_instance_count ()
 Debugging aid. More...

Detailed Description

Resize the map.

The offsets specify, indirectly, the direction of expanding/shrinking, and fill=NONE enables copying of edge terrain instead of filling.

Definition at line 334 of file action.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ editor_action_resize_map()

editor::editor_action_resize_map::editor_action_resize_map ( int  x_size,
int  y_size,
int  x_offset,
int  y_offset,
const t_translation::terrain_code fill = t_translation::NONE_TERRAIN 

Definition at line 337 of file action.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

std::unique_ptr<editor_action> editor::editor_action_resize_map::clone ( ) const

Action cloning.

Implements editor::editor_action.

◆ get_name()

const std::string& editor::editor_action_resize_map::get_name ( ) const
a short name of this action type, defaults to unknown

Reimplemented from editor::editor_action.

◆ perform_without_undo()

void editor::editor_action_resize_map::perform_without_undo ( map_context ) const

Perform the action without creating an undo action.

Implements editor::editor_action.

Definition at line 286 of file action.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fill_

t_translation::terrain_code editor::editor_action_resize_map::fill_

Definition at line 360 of file action.hpp.

◆ x_offset_

int editor::editor_action_resize_map::x_offset_

Definition at line 357 of file action.hpp.

◆ x_size_

int editor::editor_action_resize_map::x_size_

Definition at line 355 of file action.hpp.

◆ y_offset_

int editor::editor_action_resize_map::y_offset_

Definition at line 358 of file action.hpp.

◆ y_size_

int editor::editor_action_resize_map::y_size_

Definition at line 356 of file action.hpp.

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