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Re: Chyrospitals campaign - Feedback and Discussion

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Yellowsilver wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 4:05 pm
Do you plan adding different difficulties as well?
Yes. First I have to do some more playtesting to get a good, balanced intermediate level (probably on the hard side) and then I think I'll add an extra novice difficulty level.

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Re: Chyrospitals campaign - Feedback and Discussion

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Hi there!
I started playing Chyrospitals again (finally! ;)), I'm still at half of it! I can see the improvements you did, they go in the right direction and make a more equilibrated game.
A few (not particularly ordered) remarks:
  • I still saw really many typos, and I find exactly the same typos as those I already saw before and pointed out. I suppose you didn't correct them yet.
  • Hybrid race works now, great. And the few hints you give about them are very good. Nevertheless, I don't understand why some are lawful and others chaotic. For me they should all be chaotic.
  • I think Aegir should be able to recruit peasants. He can recruit bowmen but not peasants.
  • Gwendyl with elusive foot is really strong. I would suggest to nerf perhaps the sword attack a bit, because it's even stronger that the melee attack of an assassin.
  • Aegir can't level up to lvl 4. He now appears as a normal dwarfish guard. Is it wanted? (well it appears so in the units window of BfW... But I suppose he gets this advancement when he becomes lvl 3 (just looked at the code).
  • Gwendyl's AMLAS look good, but she gets as much protection in three AMLAS as Bernen in one, it's not very equal. Perhaps improve her AMLAS a bit? And I assume you didn't manage to make the assassination ability work yet.
  • EDIT: I really think Bernen should have the loyal trait. It seems strange that this guy who sometimes appears with the heroes, who has special AMLAS,
    isn't loyal, while other normal units that you get on the first scenario are...
  • The code looks much better now. Congrats! :D
That's it! Keep up the good work!

Yellowsilver ^_^

The Central Plains
This scenario is still difficult. Easier but still difficult. The first charge of the centaurs is a bit difficult to contain without too many losses, but impaling them on spears is soooo good. And then it is a rush for Gwendyl to go unnoticed to the border while the others fight the enemies.
  • If Gwendyl steps behind the bridge, she asks herself whether to destroy it. A bit weird. Perhaps you could add a special message for her.
  • I hadn't seen the dialogue with the slaver, was it here before? I hadn't attacked him last time I played.
Last Scenario:
Finally finished it (I managed this time :lol:). Wonderful story!
Although I think the way you harm units is a bit artificial. I forgot exactly how it works, but I think you can use the [harm] tag with primary_attack and secondary_attack (or something like this), making the unit really attack. I didn't look again how it works exactly, I'll let you look into this if you want. I think it would produce a better effect for cutscenes.
And also, I find your prose a bit rough. You seem to write English as though it was oral with informal language, and even sometimes bad language. This would need a complete rewrite, but it feels strange sometimes (although I suppose it's normal for a dwarf, the others not really).

Thinking as well, it's not really equilibrated. Excluding the last scenario, it's sometimes really hard not to lose half of your units, and it's sometimes so easy and nearly boring...
For the scenario in the mountains with the gryphons, for the magical tunnel, I would suggest you to make it behave like the teleport ability. It would be better, otherwise it's a bit a pain in the neck to use it. inferno8 did it in TLU, if you already played it I suppose you'll see what I'm talking about. Otherwise, play it :lol:

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