Imperial Era Campaign: Fly From Fighting

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Imperial Era Campaign: Fly From Fighting

Post by turin »

So, I released this campaign on the server on Saturday, I think, but then the server migrations and stuff started happening so I haven't posted a release announcement until now.

Anyway, this is a new Imperial Era campaign, titled "Fly From Fighting" - though I'm really not happy with the name, and any suggestions for a new title would be appreciated. It was co-authored by turin, i.e. me (plot and scenarios 1, 2, 3, 7) and Brutorix (scenarios 4, 5, 6).

In FFF, you control a group of Orcei Gladiatores trying to escape from the Lavinian Coliseums - though the plot is somewhat more complex than that. The exact date it takes place is unstated in the campaign, but it probably happens around 600SI - the Golden Age of Lavinium.

This campaign is short - seven scenarios long, none of which are particularly epic. It is 1.5.x-only.

So, Imperial Era campaigns released to date (listed in chronological order):
* Epic of Vaniyera
* Fly From Fighting
* Fall of Silvium
* Alfhelm the Wise

(Next campaign planned: Varwulf Saga)
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Re: Imperial Era Campaign: Fly From Fighting

Post by AxalaraFlame »

thank you, l have just played it on 1.9.12 version. a little bit too short. the last duel, due to my lack of lv3s--actually l have no level 3s, it is a little bit bother. but finally l slayed them all around my base keep