Starting to Plan out a Lord Of the Rings Campaign

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Starting to Plan out a Lord Of the Rings Campaign

Post by searayman »

So while startign to get into playing wesnoth I have really liked it alot, and it reminds me of lord of the rings. So I want to make a huge lord of the rings campaign which follows the path of frodo and the others. THis woudl be pretty cool, and if cany one wants to help please tell me in hear, and we can get a p[lace online to calaborate on this project cause i knwo it is goign to be a big project. I am new to wesnoth and am about to start gettign used to the compgen thigny and will tehn start, so if your interested or have ideas please share.

Also i miht need help with creatign certain characters that wouldnt be inhear already, cause we already have elves but what about like other creatures from lord of the rings...

anywho, lets begin...
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Sorry for the meaningless post
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Post by turin »

You're free to try to create a Lord of the Rings campaign, but not on our forums and not on our add-ons server. Whether or not you want to continue this project off-site, there's no reason not to lock this topic on-site.

-- turin
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