Conquest 2.0 - on 1.8 server

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Re: Conquest 2.0 - on 1.8 server

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SlowThinker wrote:Transport: you need to be more concrete. I don't understand what you don't understand..
Ok but its your concept, and frankly it confuses me so much, I don't know where to start, please reexplain this transport thing again in a completely different way or something. For one, one can not put units on spectres, only ships are "transports".

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Re: Conquest 2.0 - on 1.8 server

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I am very sorry. By 'transport' I didn't mean 'transport=ship' but ' transportation', 'transfer'.
You must move/transfer the spectre to the battle front, and it is iddle during the transfer (it kills / endangers no enemy).
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Gwledig's mods added to 1.14 server (Conquest classic, Conquest+/Space etc.)

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I have updated Conquest (original gameplay), Conquest+ and Conquest+ Space (ranged) on the 1.14 server (as well as my other mods such as Chaoz battle of the wizards, Wescraft and Lazersquad), please also see this announcement:
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