Variating unit sprites

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Variating unit sprites

Post by DeCoolest_Cat »

Looks like I'm not dead. I've taken a break for about half a year now, mostly due to lack of inspiration, but now I'm back (probably).

I've picked back up on the singleplayer scenarios idea, and while creating unit sprites for it, I came up with an idea. Everyone knows how the footpad sprite differs with each gender, but what if other units could have that too. For example, the spearman can only be male, but what if there could be a female sprite (not really female, but another "gender" to change how the sprite looks) to change it up aesthetically. This could be a simple change of weapon/shield hands, or something more in-depth. Another example could be the "female" fencer having a hat, or a different posture. I think this could work very well with zombies, as the different "genders" could have different coloring, parts torn off, or more.


EDIT: I guess I was here in July, although I don't remember creating anything since May or so :/
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Re: Variating unit sprites

Post by Eagle_11 »

Look into Wolf_Great.cfg of mainline, units can have graphic only [variation]s
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Re: Variating unit sprites

Post by Thrawn »

I'm pretty sure that this falls into CABD--it's just a matter of making the variations yourself/convincing someone to make it
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